Star light, star bright…

The Center for the Arts is a bright star in the Sierras, drawing top artists to our community to inspire, educate, and delight.

Artists love performing at The Center because our audiences are so responsive and appreciative. Visual and performing artists alike enjoy The Center’s welcoming atmosphere and the charm of our unique community. By supporting The Center and the improvements underway for both visual and performing artists, together we will make the artist’s overall experience so enjoyable they will want to return for an encore.

  • Expanded stage with 90 square feet of additional space to accommodate dance troupes and larger acts; five full-stage draw curtains to allow multiple, concurrent scenes; adjustable side masking to scale the space to performance size; and state-of-the-art lighting with a follow spot.
  • Premium LEOPARD sound system by Meyer that will enable sound engineers to design sound specific to each performance.
  • Two comfortable green rooms located backstage, where artists can relax and prepare for their performances. Main acts and opening acts no longer have to share a room—they can each have their own. One green room is even equipped with a private restroom and shower.
  • Garage door for loading equipment at the rear of the building, in addition to discreet equipment loading and set changes at the rear of the stage, unseen by the audience.
  • Humidity-controlled piano storage to maintain proper tuning characteristics for the instrument.
  • Expanded art gallery for visual artists with an additional 25 feet of wall space and plywood backing to accommodate larger pieces and more types of art.
  • Expanded lobby with warmer ambiance for finer art openings and more festive artist receptions.

By joining the Next Stage Crew, you can show our artists how much we value them. Valued artists will return to our stage and spread the word to fellow artists. As a Crew member, your three-year annual contribution of $250 or more will support these improvements.

Your support as a Next Stage Crew member will help take the artist’s experience to new heights—much to the audience’s delight!

Join Now

For more information, contact Membership Associate, Jason Patton at 530.274.8384 x202.