Celebrate the power of community!

Public art brings people together, sparks discussion and interaction, and generates involvement in the community. In short, art celebrates community. The Center for the Arts is part of a broader community that makes Nevada County a special place to live, work, and visit. Supporting The Center is a great way to get involved and actively participate in this extraordinary community.

It’s been exciting to watch the landscape of our community change over the past year. In downtown Grass Valley, new businesses have opened: Cake Bakery & Cafe, Watershed at the Owl, MeZé Eatery, Element + Loft, The Pour House, to name a few; and well-established businesses, such as Lola and Jack (formerly Junk in the Trunk), Serendipity, and Brew Bakers have moved around the corner or across the street. These changes enrich and enliven our community.

In fall 2019, the highly anticipated opening of the newly renovated Center for the Arts will further enrich the culture and the economy of our community. Karen Lian, co-owner of the downtown boutique Lola and Jack, is looking forward to the opening of the new Center. “I’m sure it’s going to benefit everyone—shopkeepers, restaurateurs, and people of all ages,” she commented. Nevada County residents appreciate art as a natural expression of their community. But people come from all over Northern California and beyond to enjoy the quality arts in our community.

To help spread the word, The Center spends over $125,000 annually in Reno, Chico, Sacramento and the Bay Area to market our area as a first-class arts destination. With expanded seating capacity in The New Center, an estimated 40,000 patrons will visit the theater annually—an increase of 15,000. Due to the larger audiences and an increase in rental income, The Center projects additional revenue of $250,000 or more, which means an estimated $1,000,000 in events-related spending from patrons visiting The Center.

Your involvement as a Next Stage Crew member will help take our community to the next stage and beyond. Together we can celebrate our community through the transformative power of the arts.

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