A New Chapter For California WorldFest

California WorldFest, established in 1997, stands as a testament to the exploration of global music and cultures. Proudly hosted by The Center for the Arts at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, this annual festival is now embarking on a new chapter.

Founded by Dan DeWayne and Christine Myers, WorldFest came under the umbrella of Grass Valley’s arts powerhouse, The Center for the Arts, in 2015. Since 2000, The Center for the Arts, a non-profit performing arts organization, has grown into a leading presenter of music, dance, theater, comedy, literary, visual art and family programming managing a 21,000 square foot venue in downtown Grass Valley and presenting over 150 events per year.

In 2014, The Center purchased California WorldFest. Dan DeWayne and Christine Meyers selected The Center to purchase and inherit the 20 year old festival because as DeWayne says, “Their commitment to the local community, strong board, vast experience in presenting diverse performers, and our shared values of family-first make them the perfect match for continuing WorldFest for years to come.”

Coming back post pandemic has had challenges for the arts industry. Festivals have seen dramatic cost increases across all facets, including venue rentals, production costs and artist fees. Yet, attendance has not returned to pre-pandemic levels, creating an impossible situation.

Due to these challenges, The Center is announcing that we are making changes to California WorldFest. These exciting changes include a new location and a fall date for the annual event. California WorldFest will not take place July of 2024 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, CA.

“Of all aspects in becoming the Executive Director at The Center, programming and producing WorldFest has been by far one of the most exciting. Global music has been my study, my passion, and my heart for years. I have been able to draw on my world arts experiences to bring artists from Korea, Congo, Guatemala, and all over the world. Watching these works come to life on the stage are among my proudest moments. It is with this dedication and love for WorldFest, I see a change both necessary and exciting for the future of the festival. “ says Amber Jo Manuel.

ADDENDUM: We will announce the date and location as soon as all parties have signed on the dotted line.  The location is beautiful and located in Yuba County.  We have to confirm everything is in order before we announce.  We just wanted everyone to know it will not take place in July.

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