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Update 3/2021 — In 2020 we limited administrative office staff to four days a week to help reduce staffing costs. Since March of last year we have been operating on a shorter work week and we hope to be able to hire our production team back for the 21/22 Season.

We continue to utilize the EDD’s Work Share program to be able to hang onto fundraising, production and marketing staff. Being able to maintain continuity in our messaging strategy will be critical to our success to get through this crisis.

We applied for and received the first round of PPP and an SBA EDIL loan in 2020. We also received generous CARES act grants from the County of Nevada and the National Endowment of the Arts.  In 2021 we will be applying for the second round of PPP and the Shuttered Operations Venue Grant (SVOG).

Our supporters have been with us the entire way and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support. Thank you.

Update 12/2020 — Thank you to for donating to the Art Center Emergency Fund. Your contributions support us while we worked behind closed doors to prepare for a new season and adapt our offerings online. The fund will remain open as we continue to modify our programming to meet the needs of the community while remaining committed to everyone’s health and well being. We are reassessing our ongoing financial needs as we learn more about the duration and evolution of COVID-19 restrictions.

Help The Center for the Arts, whose revenue stream has been severely affected by cancellations due to COVID-19 precautions.

The Center for the Arts was in the middle of a Grand Re-Opening when COVID-19 forced the cancelation of events across the country.

After an extensive 18-month renovation and raising over $3 million, The Center was relying on ticket sales and event income to pay off newly purchased equipment, and to cover staffing and operating costs.

With many live programs postponed, there is an immediate need to raise funds to keep The Center running and to preserve this important community investment in the arts.

The Art Center Emergency Fund has been established to raise money to retain the remaining staff, to help bring back our show staff, and to ultimately reopen the theater once again.

Preserve this community’s investment in the arts. Your contributions keep people employed and support production crews and artists. Support the future of The Center for the Arts when you donate today.

We are resilient. Over the past year, we overcame financial challenges, scheduling nightmares, and delay after delay. But we did it – we have created a stunning cultural treasure for this community to enjoy for years to come.
The Center for the Arts Executive Director, Amber Jo Manuel
Amber Jo Manuel
Executive Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Is donating to the fund the only way to help? There are many ways to help, join or renew your membership, buy Center merchandise, purchase a gift certificate for future shows, donate tickets you are unable to use, tell your friends about us, share us on social media, and support our local business partners… we are all in this together.

What will the funds be used for? All donations to The Center, donations to The Art Center Emergency Fund, membership dollars, merchandise sales and gift certificate purchases go towards operation expenses. This includes staff payroll, equipment and service payments, taxes, utilities and other bills.

—— Update: We are designating $25,000 of the Art Center Emergency Fund to create space sharing grants to help nonprofits and artists in the community. Space sharing grants can be used to rent The Center in 2021.  Apply for a space sharing grant here.

Why do you need staff when there are no shows? We have a small team that continues to work remotely to keep The Center running. This includes booking and planning our fall season and rescheduling the spring/summer shows. It takes a village to put on a show, and rescheduling shows means we are re-working all the details and communicating with our patrons. We’re also gearing up for summer camps and coordinating ongoing youth arts education programs. As a non-profit arts organization we are always busy working with the community, our partners, and our members to support each other through this challenging time and to prepare for a prosperous future.

Why now? Ticket sales cover about 70% of our operating expenses. With shelter-at-home in place, and mass gatherings restricted, we’ve had to cancel all shows in March, April and May. Without the event income, we are operating at a huge loss and need support to keep a core team in place to see us through this pandemic.

What The Center is Doing

We began what we hope to be a temporary staff reduction. Now operating on a shorter work week, with a limited administrative staff, we hope to be able to hire our production team back, as we begin to get ready for the 2020/21 season

We limited administrative office staff to 4 days a week to help reduce staffing costs.

We applied for the EDD’s Work Share to be able to hang onto fundraising, production and marketing staff. Being able to maintain continuity in our messaging strategy will be critical to our success to get through this crisis.

We applied for an SBA loan but understand that due to the volume of applicants we may not be able to begin the process for over a month. 

We have scheduled meetings with our private lender and our bank to discuss upcoming mortgage payments as construction comes to a close this month.

Updates: We have received the SBA EIDL loan advance of $10,000, and PPP Loan.

More Ways to Help The Center & Our Community
  1. Donate to the Art Center Emergency Fund.
  2. If you are able, donate tickets to any canceled or postponed events back to The Center.
  3. Donate directly to The Center for the Arts.
  4. Join or renew your membership.
  5. Purchase Gift Certificates for future shows.
  6. Support our local restaurants, bars, and businesses partners. We are all in this together.
We will get a chance to celebrate what we have achieved with all of the community. And when we do, it will be awesome.
Betsy Swann Brown
Board President
We are resilient. Over the past year, we overcame financial challenges, scheduling nightmares, and delay after delay. But we did it – we have created a stunning cultural treasure for this community to enjoy for years to come.
The Center for the Arts Executive Director, Amber Jo Manuel
Amber Jo Manuel
Board PresidentExecutive Director

Thank you to our donors

Tammy Bledsoe $50

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Kathy Maschal Walsh $50

Steve Gross $26

Dean Wright $20

Network for Good $125

Sharon Lane $5,000

Dennis Burbridge $25

Emily’s Catering & Cakes $564

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Nancy & Tim Solyan $300

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A Joyful Creation $10

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“Thank you CFTA! Hoping for the best.”

– Linda L. & Martin P. $500

Peter & Susan B. $1,000

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–Kim F. $750

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Sharon S. $90

Marsha E. $1,00

Virginia K. $1,000

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Ashley G. $40

“Grateful for what you do for your community!”

– Catherine L. $90

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Waste Management $1,000

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Paul Emery Music $300

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Jennifer B. $200

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Michael & Nora
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Heather H. $50

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Joanie A. $100

Edward K. $100

Aaron D. $10

Margaret C. $150

John M. $100

William D. $20

Daniel C. $300

“Our prayers are with you. Stay safe. Stay strong. Keep the faith.”

– Sandra S. $200

Flo F. $100

Shelli S. $200

Sandra W. $100

Shane L. $50

“Good luck and we miss you!”

– Tim W. $20

At Home Theatre & Audio $20

Martha D. $250

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“From a friend, in honor of Genie O’Brien.”

– Laurel L. $15

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(w/ membership)

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Gail B. $250

Aaron D. $10

Vicki M. $100

Julie M. $50

SR J. $50

Russell K. $2,250
(w/ membership)

We appreciate your efforts to make The Center world class! We know the community will step up and support you. We love you and hope for a great future.”

– Nancy & Jeff C. $100

Shari C. $50

Karen K. $100

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Susannah J. $25

Rosalie O. $100

Brenda J. $25

Liz S. $25

Robert B. $100

Jan B. $50

“We have enjoyed so many shows at the Center. Don’t want to see it be a casualty of these times.”

– Larry D. $50

Theodore M. $50

Mike C. $50

Joseph P. $150

Armadillo & Dicker $100

Robert S. $150

Marcia S. $100

Mary Ellen W. $100

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Rodney B. $200

Caroline S. $25

Josh W. $100

Jane P. $500

Joel H. $10

Kathy M. W. $40

Carolyn J. $75

Lisa D. $50

Nicholas R. $20

“Thank you for all of your hard work, beautiful center renovation, and very hard decisions.”

– Mark M. $50

Cyndy H. $50

David B. $100

Hindi G. $500

Brett J. $25

Peter W. $50

Brendan C. $25

Lenita P. $100

James M. $90

Frances J. $120

Thomas B. Jr. $100

Martin L. $250

“The Center is the most amazing place. Thank you for reaching out and asking for help. It is an honor to be part of this “rescue” effort.”

– Philip V. $250

Ben G. $25

David T. $100

Anthony P. $50

Carri G. $100

Judy & George F. $100

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The Pines Motel $100

Marlee C. $100

Joseph F. $25

Karen S. $100

“Hang in there. You are very important to our community. This storm will pass.

– Bill J. $200

Barry & Carolyn M. $50

💕 Joan H. $50

Stephanie D. $100

“[The Center] is such an important part of what makes Nevada County a great place to live. Not only do you bring amazing performers to our area, but your staff are the nicest people! I would be heartbroken if we lost you. Hang in there!”

– Susan P. $100

Martha K. $50

Leslie G.$25

Brilliant Playground $25

Deborah P. $200

Bhava Spiritual Mission $10

Lee A. $25

“Break a leg, partners!”

– D.Drue M. $65

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A Joyful Creation $10

Fay F. $50

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“Looking forward to the future on seeing many shows at [The Center]. God bless you all.”

– Gigi W. $100

Tonya C. $100

Danita S. $50

Cathy B. $25

Arlene W. $150

Diedra S. $100

Lana C. $100

David S. $1,000

Brianne L. $10

“The Center is an invaluable asset to our community. I can’t wait to enjoy future shows and explore the new gallery!”

– Melissa C. $10

“The Center for the Arts is a gem, an invaluable resource for our community, and a key player when it comes to strengthening our economy after this crisis.”
Eliza Tudor
Executive Director,
Nevada County Arts Council

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