Blues great Taj Mahal to launch Summer Concert Series

The Center for the Arts is proud to present the legendary blues guitarist Taj Mahal as the kick-off of its Summer Concert Series being held at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.

Mahal will perform June 12 in an outdoor concert that will feature limited seating so as to comply with ongoing COVID regulations. This is the first of such shows The Center plans on holding over the summer, with other noteworthy acts to be announced at a later date.

Mahal is a legendary blues artist and towering musical figure who has won multiple Grammy awards among other accolades including a membership in the Blues Hall of Fame. At nearly 78 years old, Mahal continues to captivate audiences with his music which has been inspired by his origins in Southern America, Africa, and the Caribbean. His sound is completely his own.

“I just want to be able to make the music that I’m hearing come to me — and that’s what I did,” said Mahal. “When I say, ‘I did,’ I’m not coming from the ego. The music comes from somewhere. You’re just the conduit it comes through. You’re there to receive the gift.”

Dubbed by many as an “international treasure” Taj Mahal counts greats such as Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones among his fans. He has toured the world many times over, and has said: “What inspires me most about my career is that I’ve been able to make a living playing the music that I always loved and wanted to play since the early ‘50s. And the fact that I still am involved in enjoying an exciting career at this point in time is truly priceless.”

The Center for the Arts is eager to let audiences know of their practices for maintaining safe distance between concert-goers in what will serve as one of their first live events since the pandemic began.

For this event, general admission “pods” are assigned to patrons upon arrival, while VIP ticket holders will occupy assigned pods that accommodate up to four people. Pods are distanced at six feet apart and masks will be required when leaving one’s pod. Parking and concessions can be purchased online at time of ticket purchase. Only low profile chairs no higher than 28 inches will be allowed in the front and VIP sections.

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