What’s in a Season?

We’re announcing the 2019/2020 on Monday, September 16th!  

Putting together an annual season of performance and visual arts can be likened to preparing a 10-course meal for royalty. Every detail must be carefully considered, every ingredient carefully selected, and every course and dish strategically placed on the menu. Each course, from appetizer to dessert, must be prepared using the finest ingredients and perfectly seasoned to create a heavenly blend of flavors that thrill the palate.

The seasoning that goes into creating a lineup for The Center for the Arts is passion, creativity, dedication, collaboration, negotiation, hard work, excitement, joy, and a generous pinch of magic. We are looking forward to our upcoming season—which promises to thrill your palate! While a full season runs from September through June, this year’s season will begin in December, to coincide with the Grand Opening of The New Center, and run through June 2020. 

Upcoming seasons at The New Center will include more diverse and international programming to cover everyone’s favorite genres—country, rock, classical, jazz, blues, bluegrass, world music, and more. There will also be more family-oriented programming, our holiday shows, and of course Family Fun Days will continue four times a year at The Center. We are keenly aware of shows most popular among our patrons and will keep them on the list for return performances.

Announcements will happen throughout the season and provide more advance notice for buying tickets. You can get the best seats by purchasing early! We’re making it easier for everyone to purchase tickets to their favorite shows. 

Introducing our new Choose Your Own ticket packages:

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    • Buy five tickets and save 10%
    • Members also receive extra discounts with access to member only tickets. 

Save by becoming a member! 

  • Priority access to tickets. Priority ticket purchasing is offered according to membership level: Encore Club, Next Stage Crew, Members.
  • Reserved seating. Premium seat reservations are available for Encore Club and Next Stage Crew members.
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  • Ticket exchanges. All Members and Next Stage Crew can exchange tickets for another show for a $4 fee. Encore Club can exchange tickets free of charge. 

Becoming a Next Stage Crew member is a perfect way to show continued support for the arts in our community, and at the same time, enjoy the great membership benefits. Your involvement as a Crew member will add spice to the season!

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2019/2020 Season Announce: September 16, 2019

On Sale Dates:
9/16   Encore Club 
9/25   Next Stage Crew 
10/2   All Members 
10/16 Public  

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