Special Thanks to Departing Board Member, Kelly Lapham

Kelly Lapham, founder of Cornerstone Accounting, has been a tremendous asset and  supporter to The Center.  She has served on the board for 6 ½ years.  She was Treasurer for her first four years before handing the reins to Martin Polt two years ago.  Not only was Kelly an outstanding Treasurer for the Center, she has been a long time supporter of The Center’s mission as a business community member.  Kelly was instrumental in bringing accounting in-house, and substantially helped with the bookkeeping transition. She simplified and improved our accounting reports making it accessible to all reviewers.

Kelly also recommended we hire Brynn, who has turned out to be an invaluable member of The Center’s team. She has always been incredibly supportive to Amber Jo, particularly when she began her tenure as Executive Director. Kelly is always optimistic and positive through EVERY challenge.

We couldn’t ask for a better supporter of The Center than Kelly and we are incredibly grateful for her past and continued support and leadership.  We will miss her on the board, but we can’t wait to see her kicking up her heels at The Center soon!