Improved All-Around Accessibility!

The Center for the Arts is committed to making its new facility, inside and out, easily accessible for patrons and visitors with disabilities. Accessibility was a guiding principle during the design phase for the new Center. The design incorporates easy access for building entry, seating, restrooms, parking, box office, and bar and concessions area. Assistive listening devices will be available for those with hearing loss.

Soula Antoniou, former president of VSA, The International Organization on Arts and Disability, underscores the importance of accessibility to the arts: “People with disabilities are not a small fringe group in your community—they are an integral part of every community. … The average attendee does not exist. We’re all different, and our needs vary.” We are striving to meet the varying needs of our community. In order to make the performing arts events more enjoyable and trouble-free for everyone, expanded accessibility accommodations approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are underway for The New Center.

  • Wheelchair ramp at the front entrance
  • ADA automatic door opener at the front door (funds still needed)
  • ADA accessible window at the box office
  • Thirteen ADA in-house seating locations:
    • Six designated ADA locations for wheelchairs
    • Four designated ADA locations for aisle seats (for people with restricted movement of any kind)
    • Three designated ADA locations for semi-ambulatory people needing an extra row space
  • Two ADA-accessible positions along the new bar and concessions
  • ADA-compliant restrooms for both ladies and gents
  • ADA lift for stage access 
  • Two ADA parking spaces in the lower parking lot
  • Premium Copper Loop assistive listening devices

Your involvement as a Next Stage Crew member will help us provide a more inclusive experience for all patrons, including people with disabilities. We want everyone to have access to the rich variety of performing arts events coming soon to The Center!

You can make it easier for patrons with disabilities to enter The Center by sponsoring the ADA automatic front door opener. To make a gift contact The Center’s Executive Director Amber Jo Manuel at