The History of The Center for the Arts

In the annals of Grass Valley’s history, The Center for the Arts has undergone a remarkable transformation, once a hub for buying automobiles, it now stands as a vibrant cultural center. The facility, spanning 1947 to 1984, was once home to Hartman Chevrolet, Hartman Toyota, Oldsmobile, Hansen’s Subaru, and even a Yamaha dealership. In the […]

A Gala That Pops! A remarkable night of fundraising at The Center’s 6th Annual Gala.

Inspired by the iconic pop art movement, with a modern twist, the 6th Annual Gala on Saturday, November 11th, was a huge success. “A Gala That Pops!” raised an astounding $238,640 for The Center for the Arts, providing critical support for operations and programs such as the space-sharing initiative which gives drastically reduced rental rates […]