Merle Jagger

It’s often said that when it comes to summing up a person’s stance, it’s all in a name. If that’s the case, then Merle Jagger says all that needs to be shared about alt-country, rockabilly, swing and retro-loving guitar-based band Merle Jagger. Helmed by Mark Christian, whose own reputation as a top-notch axeman for hire provides considerable prominence, the trio also includes drummer Johnny Ray and bassist Gabe Davis.  Given their influences — specifically, guitars greats Joe Maphis, Jimmy Bryant, Roy Buchannan, Danny Gatton and Merle Travis — their signature style is readily apparent. These musicians galvanize a style of guitar playing that became a standard for country Music in the many years to come. That was a sound that first became embossed in the band’s debut, Rancho Los Angeles, a series of classic country-flavored jams and instrumental offerings. Now, with the band’s new album Trash Talking Guitars, Christian stepsRead More