David Sedaris

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 • With sardonic wit and incisive social critiques, David Sedaris has become one of America’s pre-eminent humor writers. The great skill with which he slices through cultural euphemisms and political correctness proves that Sedaris is a master of satire and one of the most observant writers addressing the human condition today.

Tom Papa

Friday, September 24, 2021 • Tom Papa is one of the top comedic voices in the country finding success in film, TV, radio and podcasts as well as on the live stage.

The Second City

Sunday, November 14, 2021 • The Second City is Laughing For all the Wrong Reasons. Here to break all the comedy rules they made famous in an all-new, all-hilarious revue that will leave you hysterical.

45th Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition: Preliminary Round

Many talented comedians have since emerged from this annual event to become major stars. It could be argued that the San Francisco Comedy Competition helps turn them into diamonds as it is a true contest that develops its contestants by forcing them to adjust to a variety of audiences – in comedy clubs, colleges, casinos and theaters – while enduring the strain of an extended road trip.

Steve Hytner

Steve has made an indelible impression on both the large and small screens. Currently he can be seen on the new ABC comedy “Modern Family”; he’s brought his unique talents to more than 25 films, starred as a series regular on seven TV shows and has been a guest repeatedly on more than 50 others. Combined with his stand up career, commercial appearances, Steve is one of America’s most recognized character actors. Steve received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Kenny Bania on the long running hit “Seinfeld”. His other works include “Hung”, “Mike and Molly”, “Two and a Half Men”, “Curb your Enthusiasm”, “CSI”, “CSI New York”, “Boston Legal”, “Friends”, “Roswell”, “King of Queens” and many, many more. He started his feature career in the film “Ski Patrol” and went on to co-star in such films as “In the Line of Fire” with Clint Eastwood, “Forces of Nature” withRead More

Garrison Keillor, Master Storyteller

WHO: Garrison Keillor
WHAT:  Live at The Center for the Arts
WHEN: Thursday, May 21, 2020
WHERE: The Center for the Arts, 314 W Main St. Grass Valley, CA
WEBSITE:   https://thecenterforthearts.org/event/garrison-keillor/
ADMISSION: $60-$75 http://bit.ly/200521-Keillor
INFO: thecenterforthearts.org | 530-274-8384