Hearing Loop

  Hearing Loop Assistive Listening system offers crystal-clear sound! Patrons with hearing loss will be amazed when they hear the clear, vibrant sound produced by the Hearing Loop Assistive Listening system installed in The Center’s new auditorium. Hearing loop systems are currently being used at notable venues, such as the United States Supreme Court, the U.S. House of Representatives, Yankee Stadium, Lincoln Center, and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream factory tours, to name a few. Some of the benefits offered by hearing loop assistive listening systems include: Convenience. No need to make advance arrangements, simply show up for the performance and switch your hearing device to the t-coil program setting. Enhanced sound quality. The sound from the performance is transmitted directly to the recipients hearing device which is adjusted to their need, providing clear sound, eliminating irritating background noise.  Inconspicuous. Enables patrons with hearing loss to focus on the performance without directing attentionRead More