Our Seats Are Front and Center

It is hard to imagine that something as mundane as seating can play a major role in theater stagecraft. But seating is an essential element of all theater. In early Athens (6th century BCE), patrons sat on hillsides in seats made of stone to view the latest Greek drama play out on a circular stage below. Thankfully, theater seating has evolved over the centuries to accommodate modern audiences and varying types of performances, with more comfortable seats and flexible seating arrangements. Remarkably, the New Center for the Arts has come up with an ingenious plan that enables the seating to be specifically configured for each type of performance. The new seating plan has the capacity to transform into a small intimate club, a banquet room, or a full-scale concert or dance hall. Designed to optimize the space, the expanded Center seating is retractable and can be easily rearranged for diverseRead More