“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
– Albert Einstein

When you support The Center for the Arts, you make an investment in our community. It’s an investment in our children to ensure that they have viable and vibrant arts education programs and drug-free creative activities; it’s an investment in the economy of our community that attract visitors who spend their dollars at our local hotels, restaurants, shops and gas stations when they see a show; it’s an investment in our area teens to encourage creative thinking through writing, poetry, theater, and visiting artist workshops; and it’s an investment in a rich and varied quality of life.

Because ticket sales cover only 60% of our annual expenses, your contribution helps to cover the costs that ticket sales and venue rentals cannot.

We rely on various sources of support to offer high quality programming year after year, bring new experiences to our audiences, create quality arts education programs, and provide The Center as a venue for many free community events and programs that benefit local youth and underserved populations of Nevada County.

There are many ways to contribute to The Center to help sustain the arts in our community.

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