Weekly Painting Series

Each hour-and-a-half class is focussed on a painting of the day, taught in an easy to follow, step-by-step method, through which students learn the techniques and tools needed to create a completed canvas, as well as build overall skills and confidence. For Beginning and Intermediate Levels.

Memoir Writing Workshop (virtual)

Sometimes we have a true story from our lives that we’re dying to tell, but we’re unsure how to begin. This hands-on workshop will focus on the essentials of writing a memoir – what makes a good story, how to shape your material so that it’s compelling, what to tell (and omit), how to develop your own unique voice, and the broader issues involved in turning a private experience into a public work.

Fall Aerial Class

AirAligned will teach you tricks and skills on Aerial bungees, Aerial silks, and Aerial hoops. Fly, climb, and swing in Aerial Circus!