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Ecstatic Dance Nevada City Presents WorldFest PrE-Dance featuring Poranguí

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 7:30 PM Miners Foundry Cultural Center

$15 Single dance pass available at the door

Nevada City Ecstatic Dance brings California WorldFest performer Poranguí to the Miners Foundry Cultural Center for an evening of dance on Tuesday, June 12. Poranguí will join us for the Saturday late-night dance at WorldFest on July 14. Get WorldFest tickets now!

“My art is that of holding sacred space. The degree to which I can hold space musically or in silence, on a stage or with a client on the massage table, determines if magic will happen. Whether we are dealing with the space between notes or the space between breaths, the healing power of my work happens when I get out of the way and allow Spirit to move through me.” – Poranguí

As a live musician, world soul artist and one-man orchestra Poranguí weaves ancestral songs and indigenous rhythms from around the globe. Creating his performances from scratch using looping technology, Poranguí’s live grooves range from meditative to dance party, moving the body, lifting the spirit, and transcending the divide between performer and audience. An evening with Poranguí might take you on a journey from deep, earthy didgeridoo grooves to high-vibe ecstatic Brazilian beats to blissful African kalimba lullabies. Serenades and storytelling to beat boxing and booty shaking: Together, these make an unforgettable experience.

Ecstatic Dance in its most basic definition is free-form movement /dance inspired by music, allowing bodies to move freely without judgment or concern for the “grace” or beauty of the dance. This is the dance you dance when nobody is watching! This dance is an inner/outer journey of moving meditation. It develops a direct body-spirit connection, letting your body and inner guide be your teachers. It’s about being present with your own energy and discovering your own dance within using this movement and energetic experience to release stuck patterns in your body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Because Movement is Our Medicine
No Shoes, No Booze, Just Dance


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