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California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project Presents Visibility Through Art Invisible No More Collection

Aug. 28 – Sept. 19, 2020

The Granucci Gallery

This project was inspired by the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe’s desire to collaborate with local artists. The goal: to create conscientious art pieces that conversate around the history and culture of the Original Peoples of this land. Our deepest hope is to bring about awareness of local historic and current issues through the medium of art. A successful project will bring together community to reflect on the future, navigating a collective conversation. This is not a simple journey, artists were asked to engage in deep listening to the stories and history shared with them by the Tribal Council and Nisenan Elders. Together each artist collaborated individually with Tribal Members on their art pieces to create respectful and reflective works.


Featured Artists:

Jenny Hale, The Dancers | Earth Abides
Ron Kenedi, Action Caused by Love
Jarod Kane, Birdie
Jennifer Rugge, kapa & pekun
Mira Clark, Ritual | Mother Earth | Home & Recognition
Teighlor Renee Anderson, Look Around (series)
Leilani Webb in Collaboration with Nevada City Rancheria Tribal Member Karen McCluskey, Putting Together the Pieces
Ashely Foreman, Invisible
Alexander J. Dita, Four Generations
Andy Cerrona, Yuba Alive | Mother with the Key | Transmission
Alyssa Walz, The Matriarch With Her Daughters | Carmel | Carmel Rose Jackson, Restored
Jesus Barraza, The Ancestors
Nikila Badua, “BABE”
Bishop Randall, ‘eyi nik • pulu • baj
Chloe Young, The Woman of Truth
Jessa Blessa, Plant Medicine | I heard their stories
Lori Lachman, Photographs on Wood | Sacred Mountain – ‘estom yanim
Rama Cryer, “Estom Yanim Yamanan” | Family Roots
Ruth Chase, Where Do We Go From Here
Bo Blain, True Names
Victoria Moran, Replica of Nisenan Ceremonial Dance Belt
Indigo Donaldson & Sarah Thomas, Finding Our Way Back Home
Miles Toland, Remembering and Ravens
Shelly Covert (Nevada City Rancheria Spokesperson and Tribal Council Member), First Death
Earth Minerals in Painting Artworks by Tribal Members: Ginger Covert, Lorena Davis, Sarah Thomas


About the Organizer:

CALIFORNIA HERITAGE: INDIGENOUS RESEARCH PROJECT (CHIRP) was created to research, document, preserve, and protect California Indigenous Nisenan culture. CHIRP has been following the history and stories of the Foothill Nisenan people of the Nevada City Rancheria, and has played an important role in the re-introduction of the Nisenan people to the non-native community now residing in the Nisenan homelands of the Bear and Yuba river watersheds, especially in Nevada County where the Nisenan once had a federally recognized reservation. CHIRP lead efforts to restore the Nisenan exhibit at the Firehouse No.1 Museum in Nevada City, California, where some of the last remaining Nisenan Tribal artifacts are archived and available for public viewing. CHIRP continues to support the Nisenan in their quest to re-establish themselves as federally-recognized Indigenous people in the foothills where their families have resided for thousands of years. CHIRP’s area of influence is mainly the counties of Sierra, Yuba, Sutter, Nevada, Placer and Butte. CHIRP officially became a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2015.



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