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The Center For The Arts Presents Amber & Linda Neely: The Mother-Daughter Project

February 18 – March 26, 2021

The Granucci Gallery

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This project began as a collision of surrealist creativity. The mother is a professional artist with an MFA degree and an in-depth knowledge and love for surrealism in all its forms. She has given lectures and classes on surrealism and created a lot of it herself! One day she discovered her own daughter’s exquisite, ethereal poetry! As she read it, her jaw dropped at the eerie phrases, nearly making sense and then. . . not. The mother was intrigued and, being an artist, imagery began popping and flowing into her head. She wondered what these poems would look like! The daughter wondered too and thus began the Mother-Daughter Project. 




  • “My first clear memories of making art happened on brown paper bag book-covers in school. I now have a Master of Fine Arts degree which means I have had the good fortune to explore and make art in ways I never would have considered on my own. If I were to consider my art as a whole I would say I am interested in creating places, environments of wonder, awe and safety, not necessarily all together. I have several favorite mediums. Often what I’m imagining dictates the medium.I have travelled the world with an openness to awe and wonder, finding it in surprising places. I have also studied surrealism extensively: surrealism in art, writing, film and architecture. I have taught classes and workshops in surrealism. When I read Amber’s poetry, I am in awe of the imagery it creates in one’s mind. Her method of writing also intrigues me. I suppose it was inevitable we would work on this project together. I am grateful she agreed. “
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  • “Writing has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. I began journaling when I was about nine years old, and have continued to do so, taking intermissions when things get particularly difficult, particularly easy, or I am being particularly lazy. I think I began writing as a way of processing unrealized dissociative episodes as a child. Through the process of writing, I was able to remind, or rather, convince myself that I am here. I could look back and have a clear narrative of my life with no re-elaboration, regardless of what was happening.I have never shared my writing with anyone other than my very close family and a couple of friends. Nowadays, I write when I need to. When everything in me is locked or crumpled up, or disintegrating before my eyes. I write to put words to that which I cannot express in any other way. Often it is inspired by dreams, or some experience that feels too heavy or too magical to leave inside. I believe in writing more than I believe in anything else.”


The Mother-Daughter Project will be on display in The Granucci Gallery at The Center for the Arts from Thursday, February 18 through Friday, March 26, 2020.



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