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Presents Space Rabies Beautiful Dudes

Friday, August 18th, 2017 8:00 PM Off Center Stage

  • $10 at the door

Space Rabies is an instrumental, progressive rock band from Northern California. The power trio is comprised of Steve Jennings (guitar), Ryan Cirino (drums), Leif Bo Bonfils (bass). With their debut album “They Drew First Blood” currently in circulation, “The Rabies” is currently working on their second.
Writing all original music, Space Rabies blurs the line between heavy groove based rock and post metal. Dark, powerful guitar riffs, pounding drums and screaming bass lines come together to create their signature sound.


The Dudes are Tom Bevitori, Robbie Landsburg, Art Echternacht, and Jonah Wells, born and raised champions of Nevada City, California. Known for it’s folky sweet side, underneath the surface there is an underground scene grinding away for the dream in historic hotels, reclaimed churches and converted warehouses. The dream of making it out of town. The dream of playing shows in the big city. The dream of quitting your day job and releasing a bonafide record. The dream of Beautiful Dudes.

The formula is simple: Guitar, bass, drums, vocals. That’s it. The Dudes want you to feel rad. The debut record is sexy rock n’ roll, have a good time, no built-in message bullshit. After years of writing songs that had no home in the world they were living in, the Dudes found themselves in a garage, at home, creating not simply music but the experience: Real dudes, living real dudes lives, rocking real dude music. Definitely loud. Definitely Californian.

Space Rabies FB: https://www.facebook.com/spacerabiesband/

Beautiful Dudes FB: https://www.facebook.com/BeautifulDudes/

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