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The Center For The Arts Presents Resonance ~Yin Yang Sound Journey~ feat. Ludi Hinrichs and Miyu Tamamura

Sunday, September 25, 2022

4:00pm, Tea Social at 3:00pm The Marisa Funk Theater

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The new sound collaboration by Miyu and Ludi generate pure and powerful harmonics, creating an experience of magic and depth of the present moment. Together they glide on the edge of Yin and Yang, blending delicate and potent vibrations that transcend time.

Ludi’s keyboard is perfectly matched with Miyu’s crystal singing bowls in the ancient Pythagorean tuning. Their music permeates space for one to simultaneously experience stillness and expansion.

The sound journey is inclusive, universal, breaking the concepts of traditional concerts, entertainment, music and meditation. The spontaneous improvisation that merges and flows is at the core of their artistic expression. Ludi and Miyu believe the experience of harmony and resonance balances Yin and Yang energies within ourselves, opening us to joy and frees our hearts and souls.

They invite you to come and hear the silence within.

“As devotees of sound and music, we empty ourselves to ask the Divine what our collaboration is all about, at every moment, listen to one another, trust our hearts to navigate through our creative journey. “ Ludi & Miyu

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