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The Center For The Arts Presents Pug Skullz with Red Pills, The Has Beens, Captain CutiePie, Jesus and the Dinosaurs

Saturday, March 10th, 2018 7:00 PM Off Center Stage

  • Tickets $5 at the door
  • No advance ticket sales

Pug Skullz are a three-piece band from Nevada County, California, specializing in old school punk. Jarade Lucca (bass/vocals) and Doug Gaylord (guitar/vocals) met in 2011 and built a solid friendship around a shared reverence for English punk and American hardcore, forming Pug Skullz the same year. The addition of Trevor Thompson (percussion/vocals), in 2016, has brought precision and velocity to the forefront. The trio have just released a new CD and are currently waiting for their new 14 track LP to arrive.



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