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The Center For The Arts Presents Open Gallery

Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 4pm
Private Viewings Available


The Granucci Gallery

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 12 - 5pm. Reserve private gallery time for up to ten people by emailing Gallery@thecenterforthearts.org or calling 530-274-8384. Learn More.

Private Gallery Experience

Join us at The Center for a private viewing of the current fine art exhibit. 

You and up to 10 guests may schedule a free 45-minute time period to enjoy fine art in The Granucci Gallery. Our hours are Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 4 PM.

Call or email and schedule a time today!  Gallery@thecenterforthearts.org or 530.274.8384



Current Exhibit: Visibility Through Art: Invisible No More

Presented by: California Heritage Indigenous Research Project
On Exhibit: Aug 28 – Sept 19

This project was inspired by the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe’s desire to collaborate with local artists. The goal: to create conscientious art pieces that conversate around the history and culture of the Original Peoples of this land. Our deepest hope is to bring about awareness of local historic and current issues through the medium of art. A successful project will bring together community to reflect on the future, navigating a collective conversation. This is not a simple journey, artists were asked to engage in deep listening to the stories and history shared with them by the Tribal Council and Nisenan Elders. Together each artist collaborated individually with Tribal Members on their art pieces to create respectful and reflective works.

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Safety Protocols

“We’re all in this together” describes the essential role patrons play in allowing live events to reopen safely. Because COVID-19 is highly contagious, everyone – patrons as well as staff – must do their part.

Face coverings will be required for bar and gallery visitors. Free disposable face masks will be available at the front entrance and cloth face masks will be available for purchase at the bar. For children under 12 face coverings are strongly recommended but not required.

Rental Parties that are not open to the public have the option to either require or recommend masks for their guests. For seated dinner events there is a 10 person limit for each table and all persons must be part of the same household to share a table

Capacity Limitations will be strictly enforced to 25% of total capacity. 10 visitors to The Gallery. 

Social Distancing must be maintained at all times while visiting The Center. This will be monitored by staff. 

Read our full disclosure here.




Thank you to Board President, Betsy Swann Brown, for making these cloth masks, available for sale at The Center.
Options include with or without a straw hole to more easily enjoy a beverage from the bar. 


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