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National Geographic & The Center for the Arts Presents National Geographic Live: Mysterious Seas

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

7:00pm PST (Online Event)

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  • This is a live, one-time-only broadcast. No replay options available.
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Photo Credit: Solvin Zankl

The Center for the Arts continues to provide our community with unique cultural and educational programming. We are partnering with National Geographic Live to offer exciting natural adventures in an interactive online format. This series is free to attend when you RSVP.

Engage in the art of nature through National Geographic Live! Explore the behind-the-scenes stories⁠ and stunning imagery⁠ from National Geographic’s world-renowned photographers, scientists, authors, filmmakers, conservationists, and adventurers from the comfort of home. These one-time-only online events end with a live Q&A so that you can join in on the conversation.



Get a glimpse into the ocean’s greatest depths—and the fascinating creatures that live there—with two leading marine biologists and National Geographic Explorers. David Gruber searches the oceans for bioluminescent and biofluorescent marine species and designs delicate and noninvasive tools for studying and interacting with deep-sea life. Diva Amon participates in expeditions around the world to study the unusual animals living in a variety of deep-sea habitats—and how humans impact them. Through stories and conversation, they’ll shine a light on this dark, cold, and mysterious world.



Photo Credit: Novus Select – bioGraphic

Diva Amon, Deep-sea Biologist

Diva Amon is a deep-sea biologist who works at the nexus of science, policy, and communications. She studies the weird and wonderful animals living in a range of previously unknown deep-sea habitats and human impacts on them. She has participated in research expeditions around the world and has an extensive science communication and outreach record. Amon is a 2020 National Geographic Emerging Explorer, a Pew-Bertarelli Ocean Ambassador, a a Co-Lead of the DOSI Minerals Working Group, a Scientific Associate at the Natural History Museum in London, and a Director and Founder of SpeSeas.





Photo Credit: Wade Fairley

David Gruber, Marine Biologist

David Gruber is a marine biologist and Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at Baruch College, City University of New York. He is also a 2014 National Geographic Emerging Explorer, a Research Associate in Invertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History, and President of Project CETI, a 2020 TED Audacious Project. His interdisciplinary research spans marine biology, biofluorescence/bioluminescence, submersible design, and animal communication. David strives to develop technology to connect to—and protect—marine life. He is currently working on a project that applies advanced machine learning and gentle robotics to listen to and translate the communication of sperm whales.




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