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The Center For The Arts Presents Gallery Exhibition | Nancy Mintz: Strata

March 12 – July 18

Gallery Hours: Thursdays & Fridays, 4-7pm The Granucci Gallery

Nancy Mintz: Strata

In the first local exhibition by Nevada County artist Nancy Mintz, Strata, she brings together works created over the past ten years, in a wide variety of media. Mintz considers herself a “materials artist,” taking her inspiration from the innate potential of the diverse media that she has mastered through her career— including ceramics, wood, and metals to textiles and paper. Each material is employed for its unique ability to signify meaning: steel for its industrial strength, wood for its solidity and sense of warmth, and clay for its ability to convey human touch and fragility, and so on. 

The earlier pieces in the show explore ideas of individual identity, relationships, and the environments in which each is created and sustained. Iconic shapes such as houses, moons, ladders, and eggs are central to this exploration. For Mintz, houses are not only shelters, but also reflections and extensions of the distinct personalities of those that inhabit them. Mintz’s moon represents the cycle of life as well as a force shaping and the environment around us: tides, seasons, day and night. Her egg shape, hand-formed from clay and infused with a sense of permanence, references new life and the hopes, dreams, and fears that come with new beginnings. These sculptures reflect both a unique sense of humor and a profound humility about those forces that shape our lives, forces that may be very much out of our control. 

In her most recent work, Mintz moves beyond the personal to examine the diversity of natural biological communities, and the processes of growth, decay, and succession. She is especially interested in the forms of memory: the husks, pods, and shells left behind by the relentless fecundity of life. For this work she has chosen lighter materials, especially fine brass wire, which she employs gesturally, like pencil lines. The resulting structures are usually covered with soft Japanese Gampi paper, forming a tactile surface which is both translucent and reflective, giving the work an ethereal presence. For this show, Mintz has explored some of these ideas in two-dimensions as well. Drawing on her extensive printmaking background, she has created a variety of “sculptural” motifs on the letterpress, which have in turn been combined into complex collage compositions. 

Nancy Mintz received her BFA from California College of Art, Oakland and her MFA from Mills College in 1993. Her work has been exhibited at noted venues such the Kala Art Institute, California Craft Museum, Bolinas Museum, Riverside Museum of Art, Southern Exposure, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Artist Gallery. She is currently represented by Traywick Contemporary, in Berkeley, CA. 






For more information please contact the Gallery Manager, Brynn Farwell, at gallery@thecenterforthearts.org



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