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The Center For The Arts Presents Misha Rauchwerger – Photography

  • Opening: July 20 |  2 PM – 4 PM
  • Exhibition: July 17 – August 24
  • Artist Talk: August 14 | 7 PM
Hours: Tuesday - Friday | 12 PM - 5 PM The Plaza Gallery

Join us at 7PM on August 14th, in The Plaza Gallery to hear Misha talk about his work! 



Misha has been fascinated with photography since the day his Dad gave him an all manual Czech viewfinder camera as a child, and was able to use a dark room at summer camp.  This quickly blossomed into a full-on hobby, making his own 4×5 pinhole camera, and setting up his own dark room in a closet. He met his hero, Ansel Adams, in person when only 13, and was strongly influenced by Ansel’s teachings and techniques.

From that time onward, Misha delved into professional photography doing weddings and bar mitzvahs, but mostly focused on nature and travel photography.  Other influences include Galen Rowell, Brett Weston, and Earnest Haas. In college, Misha was lucky to work with Life photographer Mark Kauffman.

Today, while still enjoying nature and landscape photography, Misha has been moving into a more abstract direction, going back to his roots when he would go on photographic expeditions on his bicycle with his friend in junior high school.  This includes a lot of work with reflections, which are an amazing opportunity to juxtapose two elements, what is in the window, for example, and what is surrounding the storefront. These images from Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, combine a wonderful scene from a storefront window full of a jumble of old musical instruments, with the cobblestone streets and old buildings outside.

Misha currently shoots with a Nikon, D750, and most of his images are shot at 16mm.  “I love how an ultra-wide lens allows me to get very close to foreground elements, while juxtaposing them against backdrops that would ordinarily take center stage.  This perspective brings the viewer close to the little things we often fail to see because we are so in awe with the grandeur that we miss the fantastic in the small stuff.”  


  • Currently showing at 125 Gallery, 421 Broad Street, Nevada City
  • Numerous showings:  Osborn Woods Gallery, Nevada City, CA 2018-2019
  • Yuba Watershed Institute Art Show, Juried Art show, North San Juan, CA 2016
  • Standing with the Watershed, Juried Art show, Sherwood Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2013
  • In Focus, Juried Photography show, Sonora, CA 2013
  • One Man Photo Show, Studio B, Sonora, CA 2013
  • Ventana Gallery, Sonora, CA 2013
  • “Eyes of the World: Images of California” self published book
  • Photographs in “The Art of Natural Building”
  • Lasting Image Photography, Wedding and Special Event Photography, 1990-1994
  • Images used in:  “the Art of Natural Building”, Chelsea Green Publishing


  • Misha Rauchwerger
  • P.O. Box 102
  • Rough and Ready, CA 95975
  • Misha1.618@gmail.com
  • misharauchwerger.com



  • Brynn Farwell
  • Visual & Youth Arts Programming Manager
  • gallery@thecenterforthearts.org
  • 530.274.8384 ext. 208