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The Center For The Arts Presents Marie Wolfe: Sparks of Imagination

Exhibit: January 8 – February 12, 2021

Gallery Hours: Tue - Fri, 12pm - 4pm The Granucci Gallery

  • Art Opening: Fri. Jan. 8, 2021 • 5-7pm [RSVP]
  • Zoom Q&A: Wed. Feb. 3, 2021 • 4pm [RSVP]
  • Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 12 - 5pm. Reserve private gallery time for up to ten people by emailing Gallery@thecenterforthearts.org or calling 530-274-8384. Learn More.
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Artist Statement

Finding inspiration in fragments of nature, urban decay, emotions and spirituality, as we as through memory and images of something remembered, I intend that my work have complexity, simplicity and a sense of history as I engage a personal vocabulary of marks, texture, color, shape, space and layers that help express the sensual pleasure and ephemeral quality of life. Living out loud through layers seen and unseen as I work and wait for some form of alchemy to happen. Within the sphere of exploring the dialogue between representational and abstract, I am moved to deconstruct reality as I work along the continuum between the two. I search for visual moments to capture a particular feeling and allow my mind to roam and create visually appealing pieces that take on an independent directions. I am drawn to aged surfaces that reveal the endless passage of time; objects with a striking physicality. Fragments of urban decay, weather worn surfaces that present textures that were at one time rigid and strong, which have surrendered through time to the elements to which they have been exposed. I see this through my travels, in nature, and through my photography. I look at human form with its myriad of shapes and expression which in turn inform an emotional response. I tend to not feel constrained by the boundaries of medium. Currently, my choice is oil and cold wax, along with the use of pastels, graphite, marble dust, and more to make up the various layers I play in. Nature and human experience through it strengths and fragility are a rich store of ideas and inspiration.



About the Artist

Since childhood, my creative work has been channeled through my hands, ie… crafts, pottery, sculpture, lamp work glass, jewelry and now painting. Insights in my art are supported by a cross-disciplinary practice and I find that my work in one discipline is influenced by my participation in another. I come from a family of artists and I have loved looking at and studying art.
I see painting as a whole new way of growing. Feeling the need to be in touch with a deeper part of myself and to keep art alive in my life and to find expression of beauty and emotion. Something about painting feels good, and exploring this medium is different than other mediums I have tried.

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Curator’s Notes:

“I discovered Marie’s work while organizing the Open Studios tour in 2018 where she participated as a part of a group originally called heART Centered Studio. She was new to painting at the time and without a formal arts education. I was struck by her innate ability to capture form using a simple palette and collection of line and texture. Since then, the raw expression through the use of the materials in her work has quickly grown and matured in such a way that it becomes obvious how much she has learned about her craft in such a short period of time. Her work varies between figurative and abstract landscape in a way that is natural and explorative.” – Brynn Farwell

Marie Wolfe will be on display in The Granucci Gallery at The Center for the Arts from January 8 – February 12, 2021

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Special Events

Opening Reception Artist Q&A Closing Event
Friday, January 8, 2021 • 5-7pm Wednesday, February 3, 2021 • 4pm Date TBA
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