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The Center For The Arts Presents In Conversation with David Wong: Photographing Art

Sunday, April 18, 2021

4:00 - 5:00pm pst (Online)

  • $10 Public, Free to Members
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Join The Center for the Arts In Conversation With local celebrities exploring the topics of Nature, Food, Lifestyle and Art. From tattoo artists to mushroom hunters, naturalists to nutritionists, farmers to brew masters, this weekly series will feature the very best of Nevada County. Hosted by Jacob Freydont-Attie, each conversation provides an opportunity to interact with the experts in a Q&A via Zoom.

Sundays at 4pm • Tickets: $10 Public, Free for Members



Get insight from a pro on the best way to photograph your artwork! David Wong is a fine art photographer with diverse interests who enjoys all types of photography. Whether he is photographing a landscape, a sporting event, or a portrait, he believes that creating an image that is artful is essential. Join in the conversation to get photography and production tips from David.          

ABOUT THE EXPERT: The call to specialize and narrow my fields of photography is sound advice but truthfully, I enjoy all types of photography as you can see in my portfolio. Regardless of whether I am photographing a landscape, a sporting event, or a portrait, creating photography that is artful is essential to me.

Another photographic element in my work is simplicity of vision and storytelling. I learned some key principles from a director of photography at my video production company: Start with the absence of light and build the lighting from there. I have taken that advice, not only in my lighting practices, but as it applies to the vision and storytelling elements of my photography. Distilling the vision of a photograph to its core elements is important to my work, a sense of “Zen” if you will. An inspiring teacher and friend, Al Weber, advised me to put the camera down, look at your scene, and sketch your vision. I always try to start with the simplicity of vision and storytelling to create artful images, then I use the camera, lens, and post-production processes as tools to craft for the final photograph.


  • ICW // ART
  • The Center For The Arts In Conversation with
  • David Wong: Photographing Art
  • Sunday, April 18, 2021 at 4pm • Online
  • Free to Members / Public $10
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ABOUT THE HOST: Jacob Freydont-Attie is a writer, filmmaker, graphic designer, and former lingerie salesman. He grew up in rural Nevada County without the distractions of electricity, telephones, or television. After receiving a B.A. in religious studies from Oberlin College, he spent ten years on Hollywood Blvd running the family business, the world’s largest lingerie store. His first feature film, String Theory, was featured in numerous festivals and is available on DVD and through streaming. His documentary on climate change and capitalism can be viewed for free at www.crossofthemoment.com.



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