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The Center For The Arts Presents The Greenberg Collection Selections from Hindi Greenberg's Private Collection

Exhibit: October 21 – November 13, 2021

Gallery Hours: Tue - Sat, 12pm - 4pm The Granucci Gallery

  • Art Opening: Friday, October 22, 5 – 7 PM
  • Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 12 - 5pm. Reserve private gallery time for up to ten people by emailing Gallery@thecenterforthearts.org or calling 530-274-8384. Learn More.

The Greenberg Collection


Hindi Greenberg began acquiring art pieces while still in college—at that time, just small items of pottery or jewelry.  She’s always loved color, design and shape and was a studio art minor in college, taking some drawing and pottery courses.  Between her junior and senior year of college, she traveled for seven weeks with an art history professor and thirty students to see almost every museum, church, castle and art installation in Europe (much of which was too staid for her tastes).

When she lived in Germany after college, she bought a few pieces to memorialize her European stay.  After returning to the U.S. and graduating from law school, she worked in American Samoa in the South Pacific and bought some local handicrafts and art, then traveled around New Zealand, Australia and Asia, buying a few representative pieces.  Upon her return once more to the States, she was too busy starting and running her business (and, at first, too poor) to buy art, but slowly she acquired a painting here and a sculpture there. When she later spent two years living in Scottsdale, she disliked the locale so much that the only thing she enjoyed was attending art festivals, so that’s when her collecting began in earnest.

Two years later, she moved to Nevada County and found it to be a haven for talented artists and fun art shows.  Her collection grew rapidly over the past 20 years and now encompasses some 400 pieces—paintings (watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage, pastel, encaustic), drawings, sculpture (metal, clay, glass, wood), pottery, beading, fabric, assemblages, and many indefinable odds and ends.

Hindi’s collection tends toward the whimsical or quirky and colorful—few pieces with people in them, most of animals or nature.  They run from a three inch gourd anteater to a six foot tall metal and glass assemblage. There is no rationale for what she likes and why she buys it, other than pieces with color, humor and/or distinctiveness catch her eye.  And now that her walls, shelves and floors are completely full, she has to forego any large art—or else she will have to start putting them on the ceiling.

The pieces in this display at The Center for the Arts consist mostly of wall art, with only several floor pieces added for balance.  Almost all of the sculpture, pottery, glass and small pieces were left at her home—too easily broken.

The purpose of this exhibit of Hindi’s art collection is to show off the amazing talent of local artists and also to preview a small number of the art pieces that will someday be received by The Center for the Arts as a bequest from Hindi’s Trust, to be sold to the public as a fundraiser for The Center (hopefully, it will be a long time until that happens).  You, too, can donate art to The Center; contact them to find out how to do so.


Represented Artists





For more information please contact the Gallery Manager, Brynn Farwell, at gallery@thecenterforthearts.org.



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