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The Center For The Arts Presents Golden Shoulders Davia and The Moore Brothers

Friday, November 24th, 2017 8:00 PM The Marisa Funk Theater

  • $15 Members, $15 General public
  • Doors open at 7:00pm
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Golden Shoulders has been a band from Nevada City, California since 2001. They intend to continue being a band from Nevada City, California for the foreseeable future. This particular performance will feature songs and intermittent spoken word segments in-between the songs. You know: jokes, reminders that the band is selling CDs and t-shirts, that sort of thing.

Golden Shoulders is fresh off two U.S. tours earlier this year, so they will likely be feeling very jolly about playing a show so close to home. Please don’t let the jolliness distract you from the songs, some of which are sad, and some of the sad ones are downright dreary. Hopefully they won’t play those ones.


Davia is a young singer/songwriter from the mountains of Northern California. “Mesmerizing” is a term that seems to come up every time she plays live – her songs, completely original, are quirky but accessible, hopeful yet intense. In her debut EP, “Hush”, Davia delivers six emotionally captivating songs experimenting with guitar, accordion, egg crates and breaking bottles to tell familiar stories in a unique and edgy way.



Songwriting brothers Greg and Thom Moore developed a small but devoted Bay Area following during the turn of the last century with intimate performances highlighting their close harmony singing. They each write melodic and sometimes surreal pop-folk songs and pass their lone guitar back and forth depending on the composer. The Moore Brothers relocated to Nevada County ten years ago and continue to record and perform locally. Their seventh album, Stay at Home, will be released early next year.

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