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The Center For The Arts Presents Gallery Exhibition | Erin Noel: Unfolding PAINTING

July 28 – August 22, 2020

The Granucci Gallery

314 W. Main St. Grass Valley, CA

  • Opening Reception: July 31, 5 – 8 PM
  • Receptions are held in the Kerby Lobby and the Granucci Gallery.

Erin Noel: Unfolding


The landscape, our personal experience, and our society is subject to intense compartmentalization and segmentation over time, at least in the culture in which we find ourselves. This show represents a variety of explorations of that reality. From explorations of segmented landscapes to internal compartmentalization, these visual explorations reveal something about who we are. Making these works outside on the porch in the stillness of a COVID spring, or inside on the dining room table in the dead of winter, entails an unfolding and increased awareness of just how tangled we and our landscape have become. This show is an expression of that unfolding.



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Visit The Granucci Gallery after hours for a deeper look into the current exhibit, and enjoy food drinks in the Kerby Lobby.


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