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The Center for the Arts OnTheGo Presents Dichotomic Views Artist Gary William Graham

May 7th – May 31st, 2019

Gallery Hours: 12-5PM (Tue - Fri) The Plaza Gallery

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday | 12 PM – 5 PM

Location: The Plaza Gallery | 998 Plaza Drive, Grass Valley, CA

Exhibition: Painting exhibition by Gary William Graham presented by The Center for the Arts

“Dichotomic Views” exhibits a variety of large-scale acrylic and oil paintings. The artist, Gary William Graham, is best known as a public artist, but this exhibition is a collection of private works not yet seen. The work itself is an exploration of dichotomies: public vs. private, surrealism vs. realism, and nature vs. society. Usually, one would consider these concepts to be at war with one another, but Graham approaches the work with an innocent curiosity that allows these concepts to converse with one another in an open and accepting way. One canvas may be conveying a surrealistic skyscape with gemstones flying as UFOs while the next one is a realistic landscape of a pond covered in lily pads, yet somehow they both reflect the eye of the artist. Graham’s paintings take a conscious notice of things by day and then unconsciously see things other people don’t by night, but the thought process is the same.

Gary William Graham grew up in the Haight-Ashbury District in San Francisco during the 60s. Strongly influenced by the Summer of Love as well as this complete immersion into a variety of cultures, he became entranced by the idea of art in public places and has done murals all over San Francisco and Oakland that are still there today. Some of his other murals have included “Exterior Mural for The Center for the Arts” (2015), and “Mural Painting for Diego’s Mexican Restaurant” (2002), in Grass Valley, CA. Not only a muralist, Graham has been an drawing and painting instructor for everything from Primary Schools to Colleges all over Northern California including the University of California-Berkeley, Sacramento High School-St. Hope, and Sierra College-Grass Valley. Graham currently lives and works in Grass Valley, California.

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