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The Center For The Arts Presents Denise Wey: A Retrospective 22 years of painting the Yuba River

Exhibit: Nov. 6 – Dec. 22, 2020

The Granucci Gallery

  • Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 12 - 5pm. Reserve private gallery time for up to ten people by emailing Gallery@thecenterforthearts.org or calling 530-274-8384. Learn More.
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Denise Wey is a painter and teaching-artist residing in Nevada County. Her vibrant, large-format contemporary paintings of the Yuba River grace many homes in the county and beyond.

Denise has a passion not only for painting, but also for teaching. Generations of children have blossomed as artists under her loving and enthusiastic guidance, and some have gone on to become professional artists, themselves.

Many adults have been introduced to the joy of painting and drawing in Denise’s classes. She continues to teach classes in person and live online in Zoom.




“Painting for me is like breathing…I have no choice but to paint wild, beautiful Nature! My Native American soul finds refuge in the flowing water,  rock sculpture and lush foliage. The Yuba River is a continuous source of inspiration for me. The lush trees and the rock sculpture, the reflections of cobalt, turquoise, emerald and ember of the waters, are all imbued with the joyful spirit of the river. I’ve decided that my path is to immerse myself in the dazzling beauty and transcribe it’s living presence onto canvas for generations to come.” – Denise Wey.



To view her portfolio of paintings, order the book or explore classes please visit her website: www.denisewey.com



Denise Wey – A Retrospective, will be on display in The Granucci Gallery at The Center for the Arts from Friday, November 6 through Wednesday, December 23, 2020. 


Denise Wey  website | facebook | instagram | pinterest



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