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The Center For The Arts Presents Beauty and the Banal By Chantelle Goldthwaite

July 31 through August 19
Main & Granucci Galleries

Tuesday-Saturday Noon-5:00 pm
Artist Reception: Thursday August 17, 6:00-8:00 pm

There is nothing lofty, pretentious, or even mildly intellectual about this series. These works are merely a coming together of my love of design, color and process. The eucalyptus pods featured in this series were found in the gutter, on a side street, in Alameda, CA. Many of my personal treasures share a similar origin. It has been my lifelong habit to be a gatherer and collector of that which most would pass by without thought or consideration. A keeper of curiosities. A lover of detritus.

Why is it that the simple quiet act of observation has become obsolete? Why do we dismiss the nonessential as insignificant and unworthy? The fascinating shape of a bottle cap smooshed a million times by the passing wheels of hurried lives…….The infinite variations of green on an given spring day….. the texture of a street pole bearing the remains of 30 years of concert announcements and lost pet notices. Ever searching for the next rush of shiny dazzling newness we bypass the wonders that surround us. I invite you to take the following moments to slow down, submerge yourself in color, delight in the details and to find some beauty in the banal.

Chantelle Goldthwaite was born in 1970 in the foothills of Northern California. As a professional and award winning artist, she has been exhibiting up and down both the east and west coasts since 2005.
Although, not formally trained, she utilizes a wide range of mediums to bring her visions to life: painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, photography, assemblage, sculpture,ceramics and jewelry making. She has honed her skills in classrooms, workshops and community art centers across the country.
Through her travels she has collected her style, color palette and vivid interior landscape as one would collect souveniers. She imagines a sense of place and sensation and then brings them into being. A world of lush vibrant colors and universal images that invite and entice the viewer to lose themselves in her world.

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