May is the perfect time to support The Center. Celebrating 17 years of presenting and advocating for excellence in the arts, The Center for the Arts is sharing the love with their May Membership Drive running from through the month of May. As a non profit organization, membership support is critical for The Center to continue to bring diverse, consistent and quality programming to Nevada County. In addition to supporting a non profit institution in our community, a membership provides great benefits. If you become a member, renew, upgrade to the next level or refer a friend during the drive you are automatically entered to win on of two fantastic drawings. For the First Drawing, you could win 2 tickets to every show presented by The Center for the Arts for one year. For the Second Drawing, you could win an entertainment basket with tickets to California WorldFest, Dancing withRead More

Hearing Loop

  Copper Loop Assistive Listening system offers crystal-clear sound! Patrons with hearing loss will be amazed when they hear the clear, vibrant sound produced by the Copper Loop Assistive Listening system installed in The Center’s new auditorium. This ground-breaking technology has been around for a long time, but the hearing-aid technology had to catch up with it before it could catch on in the United States. Hearing loop systems are currently being used at notable venues, such as the United States Supreme Court, the U.S. House of Representatives, Yankee Stadium, Lincoln Center, and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream factory tours, to name a few. Some of the benefits offered by copper loop assistive listening system include: Convenience. No need to make advance arrangements, simply show up for the performance and switch your hearing aid setting from M (microphone) to T (T-coil). Enhanced sound quality. The sound from the performance isRead More

Improved All-Around Accessibility!

The Center for the Arts is committed to making its new facility, inside and out, easily accessible for patrons and visitors with disabilities. Accessibility was a guiding principle during the design phase for the new Center. The design incorporates easy access for building entry, seating, restrooms, parking, box office, and bar and concessions area. Assistive listening devices will be available for those with hearing loss. Soula Antoniou, former president of VSA, The International Organization on Arts and Disability, underscores the importance of accessibility to the arts: “People with disabilities are not a small fringe group in your community—they are an integral part of every community. … The average attendee does not exist. We’re all different, and our needs vary.” We are striving to meet the varying needs of our community. In order to make the performing arts events more enjoyable and trouble-free for everyone, expanded accessibility accommodations approved by theRead More

A toast to Nevada County!

An evening at the new Center for the Arts will sparkle with top-notch entertainment, fine visual art, scintillating company, local craft beverages, and mouthwatering edibles. The Center’s improved bar and concessions area, with its locally sourced refreshments, will make an evening out feel like a celebration. Experience award-winning wines on tap from Nevada City Winery, the oldest winery in the Sierra Foothills, and Chacewater Winery, featuring wine made from organic grapes grown in Nevada County. Sample delicious craft beers on tap from local breweries, such as Grass Valley Brewing Co., Ol’ Republic, Three Forks Brewing Co., and others. And no more waiting in long lines; just belly up to our elegant bar where your preordered drink will be waiting for you at intermission. Drinks on tap and new reusable concert tumblers will improve The Center’s sustainability by eliminating thousands of glass bottles and single-use plastic cups. It’s better for theRead More

Let’s dance!

The best-known remedy for the doldrums is dancing. It’s a simple recipe: pry yourself from the couch, shake off the dust, put on your dancing shoes and get moving! The Center for the Arts will soon be the place to groove to the music, with a dance floor made of beech and room enough for 725 dancers. Whether you’re into dancing cheek-to-cheek or shaking it, be prepared to cut loose with your main squeeze or swing a new partner on the floor. Jitterbug, tango, twist, twerk, cha cha, hip hop, salsa, samba, breakdance, waltz – whatever your preferred dance style – come strut your stuff at The Center in fall 2019. Get ready to dance the night away or bop ‘til you drop! By becoming a Next Stage Crew member, you can help us keep the spirit of dance alive in our community. Come dance with us! Bigger dance floor!Read More

Our Seats Are Front and Center

It is hard to imagine that something as mundane as seating can play a major role in theater stagecraft. But seating is an essential element of all theater. In early Athens (6th century BCE), patrons sat on hillsides in seats made of stone to view the latest Greek drama play out on a circular stage below. Thankfully, theater seating has evolved over the centuries to accommodate modern audiences and varying types of performances, with more comfortable seats and flexible seating arrangements. Remarkably, the New Center for the Arts has come up with an ingenious plan that enables the seating to be specifically configured for each type of performance. The new seating plan has the capacity to transform into a small intimate club, a banquet room, or a full-scale concert or dance hall. Designed to optimize the space, the expanded Center seating is retractable and can be easily rearranged for diverseRead More

Celebrate the power of community!

Public art brings people together, sparks discussion and interaction, and generates involvement in the community. In short, art celebrates community. The Center for the Arts is part of a broader community that makes Nevada County a special place to live, work, and visit. Supporting The Center is a great way to get involved and actively participate in this extraordinary community. It’s been exciting to watch the landscape of our community change over the past year. In downtown Grass Valley, new businesses have opened: Cake Bakery & Cafe, Watershed at the Owl, MeZé Eatery, Element + Loft, The Pour House, to name a few; and well-established businesses, such as Lola and Jack (formerly Junk in the Trunk), Serendipity, and Brew Bakers have moved around the corner or across the street. These changes enrich and enliven our community. In fall 2019, the highly anticipated opening of the newly renovated Center for theRead More

Star light, star bright…

The Center for the Arts is a bright star in the Sierras, drawing top artists to our community to inspire, educate, and delight. Artists love performing at The Center because our audiences are so responsive and appreciative. Visual and performing artists alike enjoy The Center’s welcoming atmosphere and the charm of our unique community. By supporting The Center and the improvements underway for both visual and performing artists, together we will make the artist’s overall experience so enjoyable they will want to return for an encore. Expanded stage with 90 square feet of additional space to accommodate dance troupes and larger acts; five full-stage draw curtains to allow multiple, concurrent scenes; adjustable side masking to scale the space to performance size; and state-of-the-art lighting with a follow spot. Premium LEOPARD sound system by Meyer that will enable sound engineers to design sound specific to each performance. Two comfortable green roomsRead More

Be a part of the magic!

  More than just a venue, The Center for the Arts has become “the heartbeat of the community” and a beacon for the arts, attracting world-class artists and thousands of visitors to the area every year. Today, an exciting transformation of The Center is in progress, and you can be a part of the improvements taking place by supporting The Center Capital Campaign, naming a seat or by joining the Next Stage Crew. As a Crew member, your annual three-year contribution of $250 or more will help prepare the stage and summon the magic for a spectacular Grand Opening in fall 2019. Next Stage Crew members will get an exclusive preview of The Center’s improvements for the audience, including: A demonstration of the new state-of-the-art LEOPARD sound system by Meyer Sound. The extraordinarily accurate and nuanced sound produced by the new system will enhance every performance and make it trulyRead More

Introducing the Next Stage Crew

Every production needs a great crew. From the sound engineer to the lighting technician and the stage manager, it takes a group of hardworking professionals and volunteers to make every show at The Center a smashing success. Your commitment to be a Next Stage Crew member will support us during construction and allow us to usher in an innovative era of art and performance at The New Center. Last year we broke ground on a $4.3million project to address necessary maintenance repairs and upgrades to The Center’s facility. The renovated venue will become the first 500-seat theater in the region, cementing its place as Nevada County’s premier performing arts hub. We need our members to support us throughout our transformation. We need 314 members to pledge support by September 1. By joining the Next Stage Crew, you will bring us home to 314 Main Street and ensure a prosperous launch forRead More

End of Year Gift!

IMPORTANT: Make sure to mail your year-end gift to our new location at 125 E. Main Street, Grass Valley, CA 95945 Ways To Give: There are four easy ways to give to The Center for the Arts. Online: Click HERE to make an online donation now. By Phone: Call 530.274.8384 to make a gift over the phone. In the Mail: Download the membership form and send checks or credit card information to: The Center for the Arts 125 E. Main Street Grass Valley, CA 95945 At the Box Office: Simply ask a box office representative how you can become a member the next time you visit The Center. Make monthly gifts to The Center For as little as $10 per month, you can receive Fan Level benefits. To set up a payment plan for your generous pledge, call 530.274.8384. Make a Tribute Gift Honor the memory of a friend or family member or markRead More