Wild & Scenic Art Exhibition

unspecifiedJanuary 9 – 23, 2017
Granucci & Main Galleries

Opening Art Reception

Visit 151 Union Square in downtown Grass Valley to kick off the 2017 Wild & Scenic Film Festival! Join us for special artist receptions before the 3D film session at the Del Oro Theatre. FREE TO THE PUBLIC!

Thursday, January 12, 4:30pm – 6:30pm
151 Union Square, 151 Mill Street, Grass Valley

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival and Nevada County Arts have partnered again to produce a Wild & Scenic Art Exhibition. Throughout the Festival, juried art can be viewed at 10 locations in both Grass Valley and Nevada City. For a special experience, participate in the Art Strolls, scheduled on Saturday in Grass Valley and Friday in Nevada City, for a chance to meet the artists at their curated venues. Nevada County Arts is dedicated to the support and promotion of the arts in our community. For more information visit nevadacountyarts.org.


collins_liz_birdmanART AWARD CEREMONY
Art awards are announced at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday, 1pm in the Stone Hall. Limited seating, pass or Sunday Mid Day ticket required. Thank you to our 2017 Art Jury, Nashormeh Lindo, Cheryl Haines, and Luanne McKinnon, PhD.



Tom Killion is an artist, author, and educator. Perhaps best known for his woodcut prints of the California landscape, his images depict vibrant and artistic treescapes, coastal, and mountain views. He allowed use of two of his prints for the 2017 Wild & Scenic Film Festival: Isosceles Peak for the official artwork and Kaweah Lake for the commemorative broadside. Killion has collaborated with Gary Snyder on three large format books you will want to get your hands on: The High Sierra of California, Tamalpais Walking, and California’s Wild Edge: The Coast in Poetry, History and Prints. The two will present together Saturday evening at our special event at the Del Oro in Grass Valley. His work is prominently on display at The Alexander Gallery, 225 Broad Street, Nevada City, and he’ll be present for an art reception and book signing Sunday, 11am – 1pm.

libeckiAndy Libecki, featured in the film The Time Is Now, is a glass blower in Chico, CA. “Glass Blowing (and virtually everything else) has an energy and a flow, your mood and state of mind reflects in the finished product, and carries on with that piece wherever it goes. The lesson here for me is to stay in the moment of optimism, and to enjoy my passion,” says Libecki. His amazing blown glass narwhals are on display in the Nevada Theatre lobby display case.

Congratulations to all of our 2017 Festival Artists!


brush_odette_coon-creek-landscape-above-lincolnIN GRASS VALLEY

Art Works Gallery
Gail Lipson

Bent Metal Winery Tasting Room
David King, Sandra Lenci Davis

Lucchesi Winery
Andrew Carothers-Liske, Linda Galosh, Tiera May

The Center for the Arts
Cline Courtright, Dorothy Champion, Dugan Essick, Heather Byington, Jan McNeil Shefner, Jane Weiles, Jerry Venditti, Jill Erickson, Jim Bair, John Daly, Kerin Lifland, Mark Wilcox, Mieke Blees, San Juan Ridge Tapestry Project, Sarah Coleman, Tatiana Makovkin


brook_leeann_canyonlandsIN NEVADA CITY

LeeAnn Brook Gallery
Frank Francis, LeeAnn Brook, Mike Snegg

Miners Foundry
Christoph Diermann, Dana Mano-Flank, Daniel Nylon, David McKay, Don Baldwin, James Pyle Miners Foundry
Lisa Nowlain, Michael Llewellyn, Mike Shea, Spencer McClay, Stephen Osborn, Tim Hayes, Virginia Ray

Nevada City Winery
Donna Dutra, Donna Levreault, Laura Bowman, Odette Brush, Samantha Shady

Nevada Theatre Display Case
Andie Thrams

Szabo Winery Tasting Room
Carol Turner, Eryka Fiedler, Rick Morrall

The Alexander Gallery
Carolyn Bloom, Denise Wey, Howard Levine, Kill James, Liz Collins, Peggy Wright


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