Tomorrow the World presents America: A comedy.

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Friday, August 26, 8:00 pm
$15 General Admission
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America: A Comedy

Some people say that after the 4th of July, you’re done celebrating America until next year.  Well, next year comes this August, as comedy group Tomorrow the World present a brand new original show, America:  A Comedy.  The themed sketch show will be a tour de force across the history of our great nation, from the signing of the declaration of independence, to the writing of the national anthem. And other things that happened later, too.


Tomorrow the World is a comedy group composed of writers/actors John Bivens, Casey Burke, Matt Hatfield-Teff, and Danny McCammon.  The four of them have honed their craft through years of working together, in various plays, radio shows, stand-up, improv, and of course, sketch comedy.  Danny, Casey, and John first met as members of The Gods of Comedy, which they did not name.  After a year of shows, they lost and added some members, and became The Best Friends Club, with Matt joining the fold.  After taking a brief hiatus to perform in theatrical productions, they re-joined forces again as Tomorrow the World, and went right back into it.


We started off doing the Nugget Fringe Festival.  We kept it simple, and performed 4 nights of stand up. John Bivens tells us.  The next year, we really hit the ground running.  We did several nights of stand up, as well a live performance of our American Cosmonauts radio show, and introduced FRED talks, a satirical TED Talk parody.  Also, why are you in my bathroom?  

Casey Burke has a similar recollection.  How did you get this number?  This is unlisted., he said, his voice raised in excitement for the upcoming show.  Stop calling me!


In addition to sketches that showcase different moments in American history, such as McCarthyism and Womans Suffrage, the group will also look at ideas of what it means to be American, through their eyes, and the rest of the world.  But what they’re really looking forward to is the appearance of their significant others in the show.  As Matt Hatfield-Teff explains; All of our special ladies are phenomenal performers in their own rights.  It’s going to be a blast having them all on stage with us.  Especially for the sketch that – uh, yes.  That’s my wife.  Why do you have a picture of her?  Wait!  That was during our honeymoon!  Have you been following us?!  HEY!  GET BACK HERE!  


After our last show, Friend is a Four Letter Word we wanted to find a theme that would be fun to watch, but also to write.  We love the process of it all, pitching ideas, making jokes, and playing around with each others ideas.  Danny McCammon is the director and showrunner for this particular show.  What does that entail, exactly?  Well, we all trade off and take turns in that role.  It means that I’m responsible for making sure that the themes and ideas flow together, as well as corralling everyone, and make sure everything falls into place.  Were actually really democratic as a group, which is fitting for this show.  Danny says, as he wiped the tears from his eyes.  I said what you wanted me to.  Will you please let me go now?  I didn’t see your face.  I won’t tell anyone.  I just want to see my family again.

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