Tomorrow The World are Misters of Horror

tomorrow-the-world-10-28-posterSaturday, October 29, 8:00pm showtime, doors at 7:30pm
Off Center Stage


$15, 18 year-old and over unless a guardian is in attendance.

Buy Tickets at the Center for the Arts


Halloween is truly the most wonderful time of the year. In that spirit Tomorrow the World, the sketch comedy group consisting of John Bivens, Matthew Hatfield-Teff, Danny McCammon, and Casey Burke return to the Off Center Stage on October 29th for “Misters of Horror”. A loving look at all things hair raising and madness inducing. The group’s latest offering promises to be a bloody good time; filled with a mixture of the comedy and terror.  Come spend the Saturday before Halloween with us and we’ll tickle your funny bone (or rip it off and gnaw on it)…




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