Take the Lead Women! Leadership Power Tools Workshop and Panel

SeeJaneDo100See Jane Do and The Center for the Arts present
Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 2016
with Elisa Parker and Friends
4-5pm meet & greet mixer
5pm-8pm multi-media workshop

FREE (suggested donation of $10)



“When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” ~Audre Lorde

Based on the bestselling book by Gloria Feldt,

No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power

The 9 Leadership Power Tools are rooted in a sophisticated concept of power. Women redefine it so they can embrace it with intention and use it effectively. This shift from the outdated, oppressive “power over” to the expansive, positive, and innovative “power to” cracks the code that has held women back from leadership parity.

The 9 Power Tools give women immediately usable ways to navigate the world as it is while leading the changes that need to be.

1) Know Your History

2) Define Your Own Terms—First, Before Anyone Else Does.

3) Use What You’ve Got.

4) Embrace Controversy.

5) Carpe the Chaos.

6) Wear the Shirt (of Your Convictions).

7)Take Action; Create a Movement.

8) Employ Every Medium.

9) Tell Your Story.

I am so excited to serve as Leadership Ambassador for Take The Lead, an incredible organization dedicated to achieving leadership parity for women by 2025.

I am delivering a 3 hr beta session of the Leadership Power Tools workshop. Let’s fill the room with sisters who are ready to take the lead in their lives and access their personal power. You are needed more than ever!

The 3 hr workshop will include:

An introduction to a more sophisticated, inclusive concept of power

Techniques to dismantle implicit bias

Exploration of 3 of the 9 Leadership Power Tools

Creating an individual Strategic Leadership Action Plan

Discussion for activating networks of women leaders in our community and beyond. We will hold a discussion following the workshop.

The event is free but we would appreciate a suggested donation of $10 to support The Center for the Arts (who is donating the space).

I am certain you will come away from the session feeling energized, and benefitting from an even larger network of women who are doing incredible things here in our region.

I look forward to seeing each of you on Dec. 6th and introducing you to this phenomenal program that I’m confident will help us achieve leadership parity by 2025!

-Elisa Parker

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