Nick Fedoroff – An Evening of Magic

With Josh Tripplet and Trevor Wade opening
Saturday, November 24, 7:00PM
Appropriate for all ages
$20 members, $22 non-member


Nick Fedoroff\’s passion for magic and performance was ignited on his fifth birthday, when he received a box containing an assortment of magic tricks for kids. He quickly mastered the illusions and was well on his way to amazing his friends and family. The young magician was soon spending his entire allowance at the local magic shop, gradually improving his skills and building his repertoire. Shortly after his eighth birthday, he was hired for his first true performanceentertaining county government employees to boost morale. He has been a professional magician ever since, taking his classic, close-up, elegant style and playful sense of humor to weddings, private parties, and corporate events.

The study and performance of magic is an ongoing obsession for Fedoroff, whose approach has been a journeynot only into the hearts and minds of those he performs for, but into the ancient origins of his art. His dedication has taken him beyond his birthplace in California into Mexico, Spain, and Belgium to learn as much as he can about magic.

His performances come in many guises. A wedding or event planner might hire him to do close-up illusions for small groups of people. In no time at all, guests converge around him, gasping in amazement and bursting into laughter. There is nothing like magic to pull a group of people together.

A master of sleight of hand, Fedoroff has refined his style to include elements of psychological misdirection. He has most recently brought his talent to the stage, where his performance is now at an unprecedented level. No gaffs. No gimmicks. Simply utter, mind-dazzling amazement. Even when he is on stage, he continues to interact directly with his audience. As a result, no show is exactly the samebut all are tantalizingly entertaining.
When he\’s not performing, Fedoroff\’s interests include art, public speaking, personal development, martial arts, and dance.


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