Nevada County Reads & Writes 2017: Writing Contest Awards Program

Nevada County Reads & Writes presents
Tuesday, May 2, 2017,  6:00 PM

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N E V A D A   C O U N T Y   R E A D S   &   W R I T E S

2 0 1 7   S e l e c t i o n :


B y   A N D Y   W E I R




Nevada County Reads & Writes is a county-wide program for the entire community.  Sponsored by Nevada County Libraries and the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, it is an annual event wherein the community, including age-appropriate grades, is encouraged to read the same book simultaneously and then participate in subject related school and community events.  This year the selection is THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir.


In its seventh year, Nevada County Writes is a writing competition for high school students.  There is an awards and public readings event of the winning papers in which all participating students are recognized.  


A l l o w   t h e   c r e a t i v e   w r i t e r   in   y o u   t o   b e   e x p r e s s e d.   G e t   y o u r

c r e a t i v e   j u i c e s   g o i n g   a n d   p a r t i c i p a t e   i n   t h i s   i n s p i r i n g   p r o g r a m !


Guidelines for students available February 10, 2017 at all high school sites – either from teachers or at the library and on the following websites:


The deadline date for Nevada County Writes student submissions will be midnight on Wednesday, April 5, 2017.  Awards are as follows:


1st PLACE: $200

2nd PLACE: $100

3rd PLACE:  $75




  1. This writing competition is for high school students who have read the 2017 Nevada County Reads selection, THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir.
  2. Writing must be your original work of fiction, not to exceed 2000 words, and be read out-loud comfortably in approximately 15 minutes.
  3. Writing must be word processed.
  4. Writing must be double spaced, on 8.5” x 11” paper, with 1 inch margins. Use either Arial 12 point font or Times New Roman 14 point font.
  5. Include a cover sheet that, when you submit electronically, is a SEPARATE document from your short story even though you are submitting at the same time, in the same email. COVER SHEET MUST BE A SEPARATE DOCUMENT FROM YOUR SHORT STORY and include the following in this order:
  • Name
  • Student I.D. number (unless your school does not have ID numbers)
  • School of attendance
  • English teacher or school librarian (one mentor or support person if you have someone you would like to list here)
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  1. Cover sheet and writing must be submitted electronically as a PDF e-mail attachment to:
  2. Submit no later than Wednesday at midnight 4/5/17. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.



Write a fiction story solving a circumstance of chance, using a minimum of one or more of these attributes inspired by THE MARTIAN:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Ingenuity
  • Education
  • Attitude
  • Will to survive
  • Teamwork



2/10/17 Student packet on-line and distributed to teachers/students/libraries

4/5/17 Writing submitted via e-mail by midnight to

4/18/17 Judging

5/2/17 1st, 2nd, 3rd place recipients announced at award ceremony to take place in the Off Center Stage at the Center for the Arts, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  The program will highlight an awards presentation and the reading of winning stories.  Additionally winners may be requested to do on-air readings on either KNCO or KVMR radio stations – week of 5/1 or 5/8.

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