Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog

marc-ribot400Nick Reinhart, Jon Bafus, & Jonathan Hischke opening
The Center for the Arts presents
Wednesday, May 28, 8:00PM
$25 member, $30 non-member
(Does not include applicable fees)

“Guitarist Marc Ribot helped Tom Waits refine a new, weird Americana on 1985′s “Rain Dogs”, and since then he’s become the go-to guitar guy for all kinds of roots-music adventurers: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Elvis Costello, John Mellencamp.” – Rolling Stone 

“Marc Ribot’s new power trio, filled out by the remarkable versatile rhythm team of bassist Shahzad Ismaily and drummer Ches Smith, is his rawest band in ages.” – TimeOut NY

“Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, whose style is experimental…though much more pleasing on the ears, was one of the best surprises of the festival.” – All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival 2011 curated by Portishead

“…a deceptively articulate artist who uses inarticulateness as an expressive device…”  – The New York Times

Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog is free/punk/funk/experimental/psychedelic/post electronica collective, featuring Marc Ribot plus two of the best young players on the New York/California underground improv/experimental rock scene: Shahzad Ismaily – bass/electronics (Will Oldham, Secret Chiefs 3, Jolie Holland, Yoko Ono) and Ches Smith – drums (Xiu Xiu, Good for Cows, Secret Chiefs 3)

Out May 13 – Marc Ribot Trio – Live at the Village Vanguard
In a wide-ranging set, the trio plays the music of Ayler, covers tracks from the John Coltrane album “Sun Ship,” and even plays two ballad standards!

Marc Ribot (pronounced REE-bow) was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1954. As a teen, he played guitar in various garage bands while studying with his mentor, Haitian classical guitarist and composer Frantz Casseus. After moving to New York City in 1978, Ribot was a member of the soul/punk Realtones, and from 1984 – 1989, of John Lurie’s Lounge Lizards. Between 1979 and 1985, Ribot also worked as a side musician with Brother Jack McDuff, Wilson Pickett, Carla Thomas, Rufus Thomas, Chuck Berry, and many others.

Rolling Stone points out that “Guitarist Marc Ribot helped Tom Waits refine a new, weird Americana on 1985’s “Rain Dogs”, and since then he’s become the go-to guitar guy for all kinds of roots-music adventurers: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Elvis Costello, John Mellencamp.” Additional recording credits include Soloman Burke, Marianne Faithful, Arto Lindsay, Caetano Veloso, Laurie Anderson, Susana Baca, McCoy Tyner, The Jazz Passengers, John Lurie’s The Lounge Lizards, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Cibo Matto, James Carter, Vinicio Capposella (Italy), Auktyon (Russia), Vinicius Cantuaria, Sierra Maestra (Cuba), Alain Bashung (France), Marisa Monte, Allen Ginsburg, Madeleine Peyroux, Sam Phillips, and more recently Joe Henry, Allen Toussaint, Norah Jones, Akiko Yano, The Black Keys, Jeff Bridges, Jolie Holland, Elton John/Leon Russell and many others. Ribot frequently collaborates with producer T Bone Burnett, most notably on Alison Krauss and Robert Plant’s Grammy Award winning “Raising Sand” and regularly works with composer John Zorn.

Marc has released 19 albums under his own name over a 30-year career, exploring everything from the pioneering jazz of Albert Ayler with his group Spiritual Unity (Pi Recordings), to the Cuban son of Arsenio Rodríguez with two critically acclaimed releases on Atlantic Records under “Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos”. His avant power trio/post-rock band, Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog (Pi Recordings), continues the lineage of his earlier experimental no- wave/punk/noise groups Rootless Cosmopolitans (Island Antilles) and Shrek (Tzadik). Marc’s solo recordings include “Marc Ribot Plays The Complete Works of Frantz Casseus” (Les Disques Du Crepuscule), “John Zorn’s The Book of Heads” (Tzadik), “Don’t Blame Me” (DIW), “Saints” (Atlantic), “Exercises in Futility” (Tzadik), and his latest “Silent Movies” released in 2010 on Pi Recordings was described as a “down-in-mouth-near master piece” by the Village Voice and has landed on several Best of 2010 lists including the LA Times and critical praise across the board.

Marc has performed on scores such as “The Kids Are All Right,” “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Walk The Line (Mangold),” “Everything is Illuminated,” and “The Departed” (Scorcese).” Marc has also composed original scores including the PBS documentary “Revolucion: Cinco Miradas,” the film “Drunkboat,” starring John Malkovich and John Goodman, a documentary film by Greg Feldman titled “Joe Schmoe,” a feature film by director Joe Brewster titled “The Killing Zone”, and dance pieces “In as Much as Life is Borrowed”, by famed Belgian choreographer, Wim Vandekeybus, and Yoshiko Chuma’s “Altogether Different”. Marc is also currently touring his live solo guitar score to Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”, which was commissioned by the NY Guitar Festival and premiered Jan 2010 at Merkin Hall, as well as a program of new arrangements of classic Film Noir scores commissioned by the New School Noir Arts Festival 2011.

In 2009, Marc was named curator and musical director for the year’s Century of Song Festival, part of the Ruhr Triennale in Germany. The concert series sparked new collaborations with Iggy Pop, Marianne Faithfull, David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, master cajón player Juan Medrano Cotito, Carla Bozulich and Tine Kindermann.

Marc’s talents have also been showcased with a full symphony orchestra. Composer Stewart Wallace wrote a guitar concerto with orchestra specifically for Marc. The piece was premiered by the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington DC in July of 2004 and also appeared at The Cabrillo Festival in Santa Cruz, CA in August of 2005.

Marc is currently touring with several projects including the Marc Ribot Trio, a free jazz group featuring legendary bassist Henry Grimes and Chad Taylor on drums, his power trio Ceramic Dog with bassist Shahzad Ismaily and drummer Ches Smith, a collaboration with Los Lobos guitarist David Hidalgo called Border Music, and with Caged Funk, a project of funk arrangements of John Cage’s music featuring Bernie Worrell of Parliament Funkadelic fame.

Nick Reinhart, Jon Bafus, & Jonathan Hischke

Coming together as a trio for this very special event is Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos, Sacramento based experimental percussionist / composer and artist Jon Bafus, and bassist Jonathan Hischke, best known for his work with Broken Bells, Hella, EV Kain, Rodriguez Lopez, and Norah Jones.

jonathan hischkeJonathan Hischke – synth bass – (Broken Bells, Hella, EV Kain, Rodriguez Lopez)

Jonathan Hischke is a electric bass player who has lived in Nebraska, Chicago, Nevada City and currently splits his time between LA and Joshua Tree, CA. He cut his teeth playing in legendary experimental groups such as The Flying Luttenbachers, My Name Is Rar-Rar and Hella, as well as Damsel (w/ Nels Cline, Zach Hill and Matt Zivitch). These days he plays in Dot Hacker (with current Chili Pepper Josh Klinghoffer) and EV Kain. Jonathan has also recorded or toured with Broken Bells, Le Butcherettes, earthlings?, Mariee Sioux, The Shins, Troy Van Leeuwen (QOTSA)‘s band Sweethead, Agent Ribbons, Norah Jones, Aaron Ross, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Big Sir, Harvey Sid Fisher, Neon Neon  (w/ Gruff Rhys), Kings and Queens, Casual Fog and The Sound Of Animals Fighting among many others, and is a regular contributor to Mars Volta bass player Juan Alderete’s website. Interview
sheponbass interview interview

Reinhart copyNick Reinhart  – guitar – of Tera Melos

“Nick Reinhart is arguably one of the best guitarists with pedals and his feet. He is like Nels Cline’s or Adrian Belew’s younger punk rock brother.” — Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta)
Nick Reinhart has emerged in a short amount of time as a true innovator in the art of guitar wrangling. Unlike most guitarists, his focus isn’t primarily on the fretboard, but rather in using the entire chain of elements that comprise a guitar sound: fingers, feet, pedals, amps and whatever else he comes into contact with in the process. Dexterously plucking out complex chords and finger-tapped notes, while simultaneously rapidly triggering a phalanx of pedals with BOTH feet and singing all the while, Reinhart plays his instrument with the physicality of a drummer and the grace of a concert pianist.
“I once heard that piano was considered the only truly complete instrument that could provide rhythm, melody and harmony at the same time,” Reinhart says. “So, I thought it was a cool idea to apply that idea to guitar.” Similarly, his approach to writing guitar parts is more visionary as well, preferring to generate sounds on a computer and then recreate them with guitar/amps/effects. “When I first started getting into more technical playing, I would write these really fast, complicated parts in a computer program, with a synth sound patch, then slow it down and map out the notation, then translate it to how it could be played on a guitar,” he explains. So, in many ways, Reinhart uses his guitar chain as its own symphony.
Reinhart is best known for his breathtaking work as guitarist/vocalist with long-running genre-bending trio Tera Melos, but his collaborations with drummer Zach Hill (Death Grips, Hella) as Bygones, and current projects in the works with Mike Watt and Nels Cline and another with Rob Crow (Pinback) show his versatility as a musician. Though Tera Melos had often been mis-labeled as a math rock band in its early years, Reinhart’s inventive explorations with sound have established the band as forerunners of their own unique sound that embraces melody and atmospheric tones while constantly pushing the envelope with oddball structures.
“I’m really into combining cool sounds and complex ideas with super melodic parts,” Reinhart says. “Like how there can be all this crazy stuff happening with guitar that perhaps only very musically trained people might understand, but then sneaking a melody into it that anybody would be able to follow.” interview review


Jon Bafus

Jon Bafus – drums

Jon Baffus first started performing for people in junior high, in both “school band” and “rock band” contexts. His passion for drumming and music in general has grown exponentially, and continues to do so. Projects include Afternoon Brother, Sholi, Mucky the Ducky, Invasive Species, Appetite, Good News Bears, Sol+Jon, Instagon, Genetic Makeup, and a number of “looser” improvised ventures.

(experimental / improvisational percussionist)

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