Katie Rubin – My Spiritual Death, A Comedy Show!

Friday, May 18, 8:00PM
$20 at the door

Don’t miss this one night only, one woman tour de force!

Katie Rubin is a professional regional theater, TV and film actress who also tours original solo theatrical work, and gives private Energy Healing Sessions.Katie received her MFA in Acting from UC Davis in 2005, and earned her BA in Theater and Dance at Amherst College.  She has studied classical, jazz, and musical theater vocal techniques for 15 years.  In New York, she studied acting at The Wynn Handman Studios at Carnegie Hall.  In Los Angeles, she studied The Viewpoints and Suzuki Actor Training with Anne Bogart\’s SITI Company.

Last June, Ms. Rubin graduated from The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism where she gained the skills to be a Master Spiritual Healer.  The healing work she does treats issues of any of the following kinds- emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological.Katie is fascinated by the spiritual connections between performance work and healing work.

How do the two worlds relate?  How can we use our time on the stage to more deeply and directly bring healing love and light to the people of the world?  Theater has always acted as a mirror through which society may see itself.  Perhaps these are the times when we will more actively and directly channel healing light through the words we say on stage.

A brief solo show Biography:

Katie toured her first comedic solo show, Insides OUT!, to venues across the country for the past 8 years.  Insides OUT! received a nine week Equity production at The Sacramento Theater Company in March and April of 2006.  It also had a 4 week run at Equity Theater, Foothill Theater Company in Nevada City.  The show has toured to over 100 events and venues.
Ms. Rubin’s second solo show, “Amazing and Sage,” was commissioned by Capital Stage Theater Company, and may receive a production there or elsewhere in the near future. Her third solo endeavor, “My Spiritual Death, a Comedy Show!” is currently touring the country.  She the home or calendar pages of this site for tour dates.

Katie began her career as a Solo Show Performer at Amherst College with her first original piece, PartyBoobyTrap.  Her second play, Avoiding Less Blue, was produced through the 2000 New York Fringe Festival.In addition to performing and writing original material, Ms. Rubin also works as a stage, screen, and voice over actress, and is an acting and vocal coach.  Most recently, she played lead roles in Capital Stage\’s production of In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play, The B Street Theater\’s production of Rabbit Hole, and Wit, The Sacramento Theater Company\’s A Christmas Carol, and Foothill Theater\’s production of Urinetown.Ms. Rubin\’s most recent writing credits include the completion of an original 10 person play for Capital Stage’s annul fundraising event, and two plays commissioned by the Health Education Department at UC Davis.



  1. You were awesome last night. Thanks for being so genuine and sincere. I would say painfully hilarious, but any discomfort was quickly overcome by joy and connection,
    You Rock!!!

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