July Non-Profit Partner – The Curious Forge

IMGP5437What is the Curious Forge?

The Curious Forge is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, “Makerspace” located at 12400
Loma Rica dr, Grass Valley, CA where members have access and training on a
wide variety of equipment from traditional to advanced. Most of all we are a
community of builders, tinkerers, artists and professionals who love to
make. Think of it as an artistic, technical and industrial playground.

Mission Statement
Provide access to traditional and advanced tools, a large space and a
variety of skill sets in a collaborative and innovative environment that
enables the members to create what matters to them.

What is a Makerspace?
Part of the growing DIY movement, Makers re-use and re-purpose materials to
create innovative, practical and whimsical projects. Tools are shared, ideas
are brainstormed, and people join in to help each other out.

The only way to get a full sense of the Curious Forge is to come visit. We have an Open House the first Thursday of every month and now open weekends 10am – 6pm for non-members to come check out our playground.

First Thursday of every month
from 6-8pm at:
The Curious Forge
12400 Loma Rica Drive, #5
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(mailing address is 11122 Wolf Drive, GV 95949)


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