Metaphysics 2.0 – Watercolors & Oils by John Michael Keating

The Center for the Arts presents
November 13 through December 15
Artist Reception Sunday, November 18th 2:00-4:00

John Michael Keating – Artist Statement:

The images in my painting come from two worlds: the life we experience when we are awake and the dream world we enter when we sleep. I’m interested in what happens when those worlds flow into each other.

In the world of wakefulness, I’m attracted by shadows and deserted streets, by old buildings on the edge of ruin, by night and rain and dust, and by things that are hidden.
The realm of sleep is a world of masks, of walls that evaporate and ancient towers in moonlight, of trees that change into stairwells and rooms that become forests.
Most of the time I’m not interested in distinguishing between one world and the other.


  1. Dear Michael,
    many many congratulations to your beautiful work and the chance to share it with other people.
    I really admire how much and how beautiful and high energy is in your art and also in your life!

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