Jeffrey Dupra CD Release show – CANCELLED

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Jeffrey Wanzer Dupra is a folk singer/songwriter, artist, writer and performer from upstate New York currently residing in Northern California. He loves the wilderness, his family, friends, good food, books, basketball, and the pursuit, practice, and preservation of magic, wonder, mystery, and awe.

This show is to celebrate the release of a new collection of songs entitled “Spring Street”.

These songs represent a shift into low gear, for a heavy load or a long climb, and a strong engine. They are about family, hard work, everyday, love, fear, hope, violence, nature, and holding it all together and finding a way to make it work. We were four people in a worn out, serially rented two bedroom apartment. Noise before silence, patience, irritation, check to check to check to check, a drink, neighbors stopping by, another drink, all while evolving a plan.

Our triumphs and our struggles were at times expanded and diminished by just how ordinary they were, and in that way I have come to see that they are not just our own.

We used to live on Spring Street but we don’t anymore…

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