Heather Donahue, Memoir Workshop: Beyond Self-Absorption

Saturday, February 18, 2:00PM
$35 per person
20 students maximum

Free Reading and Book Signing 7:00PM
Heather Donahue, Growgirl

Thank God things didn’t work out in Hollywood for Heather Donahue. Otherwise, we’d never have gotten this book.  Anyone who’s taken a fall will bond fiercely with Donahue’s hilarious frankness about hitting bottom. Beautifully written, full of wisdom. A terrific read. Katie Crouch, author of Girls in Trucks

Heather Donahue has a gloriously comic voice, and beguiling self-knowledge. Growgirl will tell you how to grow potand how to grow up. It\’s a hilarious, rollicking, endearing memoir that\’s also friendly, wise and thoroughly addictive. I inhaled it! Michelle Huneven, author of Blame

An intimate look at a woman\’s yearlong search for her place in the world. —Kirkus Reviews

Once upon a time she made the blair witch project.
Then she went to pot. Literally.
y Heather Donahue

At age thirty-four, Heather Donahue\’s life went to pot. Literally. After starring in The Blair Witch Projectthe indie film-turned-blockbuster that Roger Ebert named one of the ten Most Influential Movies of the Centuryshe became a household name. When the afterglow of the movie faded and her acting career stalled, she had visions of an epitaph reading, Here Lies the Girl from The Blair Witch Project.

In her memoir, GROWGIRL: Once Upon a Time She Made The Blair Witch Project. Then She Went to Pot. Literally., Heather Donahue describes how, determined to start anew, she burned the remains of her Hollywood life in the desert, meditated for a  few days, and then followed her brand-new boyfriend to her brand-new lifefarming medical marijuana.

Heather transplants herself to tiny Nuggettown, California and lives among The Communitya collection of growers, their Pot Wives (like Beverly Hills trophy wives with more body hair), and the reason for it all: the plantsall female and affectionately known as The Girls.

The new life outlasts the new boyfriend and she soon finds herself alone but for twenty-seven chickens, a puppy, a ton of vegetable seedlings, and a garage load of ganja.  The simple, quiet life she sought is everything but. Just as it starts to seem like to grow is to eat sh*t is the only lesson to be had, Heather and The Girls begin to bloom.

GROWGIRL is the story of one woman\’s attempt to grow up.  To answer the question, What the f*ck am I doing with my life? So, you know, if you\’ve ever asked yourself that, you might be into it.  If you have both asked yourself that question and wondered where weed comes from, this is definitely the book for you.

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Heather Donahue is a writer and actress best known for her starring role in the 1999 cult classic, The Blair Witch Project.  She has been featured on the cover of Newsweek, People, and on The Tonight Show, The Today Show, The Daily Show, and CNN. She lives in San Francisco, CA    


  1. A writer is born, what courage and hope you share! We would love a couple signed copies of your book. The story sounds wonderful.
    Mary Lee

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