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Nevada County Concert Band Presents The First Time Ever Old Time Holiday Radio Pageant Extravaganza

Sunday, November 26th 3:00 PM Main Stage Theatre

$12 General admission

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(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee. Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

The Nevada County Concert Band is a direct descendant of the many local concert bands of the 1900s, which played for socials, county fairs, patriotic celebrations, and Sunday afternoon concerts. In the early 1920s, many of the local groups were consolidated into the Grass Valley Concert Band through the efforts of Harold J. George, a renowned cornet player and musical director. In the early 1970s, a group of musicians started forming the current band to carry on the traditions of the earlier pioneer organizations. The initial idea was to gather a small group together and to create a Germany Band; five interested musicians responded. One idea fed another and the group grew over time into a full-sized concert band culminating in the present pool of some 70 member musicians.