An Evening with Keb Mo

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Saturday, May 10, 8:00PM
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“…a mean guitar and growl with the best foot-stompers,” – The New York Times

“…not a straight-ahead re-creation of the blues, but an extra-smooth interpretation…” – Los Angeles Times

Keb’ Mo’ has been making critically acclaimed albums since 1994 when he released his self-titled debut and became a fresh face in the blues / roots genre. That record proved to be an entryway that got many to sit up and take notice. But it was his second release, “Just Like You” in ’96 that won him the first of three Grammys. It dared a deeper venture into the joyful and healing aspects of the blues and a more mainstream style.

His genre-blending artfulness, intuitive lyrics, unique guitar style, distinctive voice, and magnetic charisma on stage have gained him a tremendously loyal fan base and the significant honor of being called, “a musician’s musician.”

Though it seems that Keb’ Mo’ flies just under the radar of big name recognition, during his vibrant 18-year career he has been recognized with a vast number of honors, awards and nominations, including Grammy’s, BMI awards, and numerous WC Handy Blues Awards.

You may hear him on television as a composer or providing a theme song or even see him in an occasional acting role. Some notables are: Touched By An Angel, The West Wing, The Martha Stewart Show, CBS’s Mike and Molly, and even a spirited performance on Sesame Street. On film he acted along side Danny Glover in the 2007 John Sayles movie, “Honeydripper.”

This past year he was a part of two PBS specials: “Live at Infinity Hall,” and “Red, White and Blues, In Performance at The White House.

After the release of “Suitcase” in 2006, Keb’ took a two-year hiatus from recording to focus on his family, and work on film and TV projects.

His latest album BLUESAmericana debuted at #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart AND #2 on the Billboard Folk Chart.


April 22, 2014
Reviewed by: Lara Supan

This album could not be titled any better. A straight and simple blues Americana album from Keb’ Mo’ will give you exactly what it promises.

BLUESAmericana is a sweet, light-hearted and playful album filled with back river New Orleans blues and back country finger pickin’ americana. While a couple of the songs seem to verge on being overly simplistic and childlike, the majority of the songs are well-written, feel-good gems.

By far the most entertaining song on BLUESAmericana is track eight, titled “The Old Me Better”. This straight up old school New Orleans blues band song has a chorus that reads “you made me a brand new man, but I like the old me better”, and speaks to the upside of drinking, partying and all sorts of delinquent behavior. Complete with a  punchy tuba bass line, this song will make you think you’re hot stepping down Bourbon street with a hurricane in your hand.

In contrast, don’t worry about listening to the last track, “Goodbye So Long”- it’s a bit too sweet and elementary in contrast to the rest of the album. With a female vocalist adding some saccharine harmonies, it just doesn’t hit the mark like the rest of the songs on BLUESAmericana do so well.

BLUESAmericana is a utilitarian album. Whether you’d like a song to help you make up with you significant other (“For Better or Worse”) or break up with them (“The Old Me Better”), Keb’ Mo’ will help you “Do it Right”. (See, he even helps me finish my sentences. What a guy!)

Rating- Bad Ass.

Joining Keb Mo for this concert will be Tom Shiness on guitar.

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  1. So nice to see him back in Northern Calif. The last time I got to see him was in Reno on a snowy night
    and the limo didn’t make it to the show on time so the 3 of us lucky and devoted ones out of about 12 people
    got a little private concert. Thanks Keb, can’t wait to see you again!

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