An Evening with Baby Gramps

15788-pp7baby-grampswith Fast Rattler opening
Saturday November 26, 2016,  8:00pm

$20 members, $22 general admission
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

“…one of the top 50 most influential musicians in the last 100 years…”

-Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

“The Salvador Dali of Folk Music”

Baby Gramps is an energetic humorously entertaining performer with an endless repertoire.  He plays a National Steel guitar, and sings his own unique arrangements of rags, jazz, & blues from the 20’s & 30’s, and many originals with wordplay, humor, and throat singing.

According to an article in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Baby Gramps is acknowledged as one of the top 50 most influential musicians in the last 100 years.


This past year Baby Gramps was asked to be part of three films.  One is a documentary about the history of jugband music, another is an update of the academy award nominated film Streetwise that he performed some music for 30 years ago, and the third is 50 Feet of Film that includes a new original song about the homeless.


Baby Gramps toured Australia, England, and Ireland as part of the Rogues Gallery CD Concert Tour with Tim Robbins (actor), Marianne Faithful, Lou Reed, Martin Carthy, Suzanne Vega, Ralph Steadman, and many other internationally known performers.  The Rogues Gallery CD, produced by Johnny Depp and Hal Willner in connection with The Pirates of the Caribbean film, landed Baby Gramps on the David Letterman Show accompanied by Tony Garnier, Bob Dylan’s band leader and bass player.

More info, song clips, and videos can be found at

fast-rattler-brendanFAST RATTLER

Brendan Phillips, son of Utah Phillips, wears his influences on his sleeve. For the better part of a decade, Brendan has been traveling and touring with a rotating and eclectic cast of musicians, he dubbed Fast Rattler. Drawing from his pops catalogue (including songs Utah never recorded or performed) and the universe of american folk music that he grew up listening to around campfires and at festivals all over the US and Canada, Brendan Phillips and Fast Rattler represents a collaboration of kindred spirits, inspired by all things Utah. Encompassing a wide range of musical influences; from Americana and Bluegrass to gypsy-jammin’ wood-punk, Phillips and Fast Rattler pay homage to the songs of Utah while also adding their own spin, reimagining Utah’s songs in a string band format. Sometimes they all play together and sometimes a song is sung alone, its an ebb and flow, tied to the moment, always attentive to what the song needs. This format lends itself to a dynamic performance, at times intimate, at times raucous, but always in keeping with the spirit of collaboration and always true to the music. Come and sing with us!


Current Line-up

Brendan Phillips, guitar, banjo, vocals

Travers Clifford (Dakota Sid and Trav) on Mandolin and Dobro

Cedar Henning (Belfry Brothers) on upright bass.


Fast Rattler made it’s record debut on the 2009 Grammy-nominated album “Singing Through the Hard Times: A Tribute to Utah Phillips” which included artists like Emmylou Harris, Ani DiFranco, Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton. Since then the group, fronted by Utah’s son Brendan, has continued to dig deep into an extensive catalogue of his father’s unrecorded songs and poems, bringing their versions to audiences all over the states and Canada. The release of 2011“Linger On: Celebrating the Songs of Utah Phillips” marked Fast Rattler’s first full-length debut.

Over the years:

In 2006, Fast Rattler played Winterfolk for a capacity audience at Portland’s historic Aladdin Theater. In 2007, they joined Utah at the Vancouver Folk Festival, playing the songs while Utah told the stories. After Utah passed away, Fast Rattler returned to the Vancouver festival to perform as part of a Utah Phillips memorial.

In 2011, Fast Rattler played at the annual Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival along side acts like Mavis Staples, Great American Taxi, and Los Lobos. Since the release of Linger On, Fast Rattler has played on stages large and small all over Oregon, Washington and California.

“I had never heard Brendan sing at all. He was playing my 1935 Gibson that I had loaned him, and there he was with a full band, doing these songs I had practically forgotten…I wasn’t just a little impressed, I was knocked down at the time and attention he put into putting these songs together.” -Utah Phillips.

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