December Non-Profit: NEO

lights-on-colored-copy-1-768x879NEO provides opportunities for young people to reach their full potential and the skills and confidence needed to make healthy choices, successfully navigating adolescents. While the focus of NEO is to keep young people drug and alcohol free, we believe that the most effective way to keep young people healthy is to approach health and well-being from a holistic view by addressing the root causes which contribute to substance abuse, depression, isolation, suicide and poor health. Because of this we address many issues such as positive socialization, nutrition, recreation, body image, education, healthy alternatives, positive lifestyle choices and community responsibility. Together, these efforts combine to provide a comprehensive, multifaceted approach aimed at building assets and resiliency ultimately increasing overall health and well-being.


Join the movement to Light the Way for Youth!

Light the Way is our annual fundraising campaign to support the Youth Center.  The campaign is designed to help create a stable ongoing funding base to support the NEO Youth Center.  New and past donors can pledge anywhere from $5 to $500+ per month, to ensure a safe and supportive environment where local young people can continue to play, explore, learn, and grow, through the help of their peers and a network of adult mentors. These tax-deductible donations also help cover the basic Youth Center operations, add more staff to serve the growing numbers of youth and increase the number of enriching activities.


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